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  1. Re: LUIZ or MARCELO Cheers i think the Deal makes sense. Just tryed to accept it but my chairman wont alow that swap
  2. I made a bid a while ago for Luiz, the manager has countered the offer for a straight swap involving Marcelo Now im a very experienced player but dont know much about Marcelo, Luiz will eventually become a great player on SM, He'll make first team for Chelsea partnering Terry and could be a quick big riser. Marcelo i know is Rising +1 to a 92, but does he have a brighter future than Luiz? Both are young and similar NT experience. Ive plenty of wingers and LB's so even at 92 he'll be on the bench. But 93 would start. But i lack CB's Thanks
  3. Re: Gareth Bale To be fair after reading your arguements. I personally feel Bale IS one of the best Winger in the world atm, i said it a few months ago he'll be the player to watch, and now he's living up to what he can be. Just like in a couple of seasons, I reckon Jack Wilshere will be one of the best AM's in the world. IMO
  4. Re: Fernando Torres - 96 -> 95 He SHOULD still drop to 95. He scored 2 goals against Chelsea, that doesnt warrent his rating to stay at 96 one little bit. However tho myself and most non-biased SM players think he should go down to 95. SM will keep him on 96 i think
  5. Ive got a very young squad which already consists or fabragas and messi as my midfield, ive been offered Kaka in exchange for Pato and Diarra. The deals been accepted but im having doubts. Neither pato or Diarra are going up these rating changes but Kaka is going down -1 to a 96, I sometimes use Diarra as a holding Defender but that can be easily sorted, pato is in my first team but he can just be replaced by messi up front, and messi's hole on midfield filled by Kaka Ovsly. You opinions please? Cheers
  6. He was offered to me for 20m, ive accepted as he's young and been offered to about another 10 clubs. Ive heard that in the summer window he'll likly leave PSV for clubs sniffing like Barca, Arsenal + Inter. Can anyone tell me anything about him and wheather or not his 90 will increase and defenatly not decrease? I dont need him and will send him out on loan but a good future investment? Thanks
  7. Re: I can have ANY of these. Please help me choose who Cheers for the good answers. Ive gone for Llorente. Basiscally me mate wants Gibbs + Hines (hes barcelona with just a pure young english sqaud hes building) I knicked gibbs when he was added before him so im giving him back. Llorente = Gibbs + Hines + 7m is the offer which he'll accept. Thanks people
  8. Re: TORRES...The deal, what do you think? The end verdict for this was that i CANCELLED the deal, i can get a much better offer for torres than the deal accepted. Thanks anyway people
  9. Out of these players, who would you sign? and why? Im only intrested in talents and there rating in the near future, Cheers Hatem BEN ARFA Fernando LLORENTE Urby EMANUELSON Ivan RAKITIC José Manuel JURADO Roberto CANELLA Iván MARCANO Im basically doing a deal with another manager atm, and this is the list of players he'll throw in with the current one to bump up the value. Thanks
  10. Re: TORRES...The deal, what do you think? Probly got a couple of hours before it will go through, think pretty soon im going to cancel it, im thinking end of the day this IS torres.
  11. Re: Just sold TORRES...The deal, what do you think? He's rising to 94 on the next changes, seen this everywhere latly, thought it was 100% Cert? their only in a couple of weeks
  12. Re: Just sold TORRES...The deal, what do you think? Hes entire squad is very poor, no one worth getting at all (for example its only them two players over the value or 15m) Im not really too fussed about ALBIOL I just used him to boost the value of the deal, ill probly end up selling him to get a better player. I know im losing Torres who is one of the best strikers on the game but gaining Silva who IMO can reach a high level soon, im gaining a 92 CB to use a PE deal later on and also 30m to help gaina better striker. But then again IT IS TORRES
  13. Re: Just sold TORRES...The deal, what do you think? Thats true, thinking about it i could use like you say: Chivu Hamsik Dzeko Nasri 50m To find another striker? Ahhh thanks for getting back people, so far its a done deal by what your all saying, think hes getting the pro's and myself out of it. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  14. Re: Just sold TORRES...The deal, what do you think? I could use say around 60m and Hamsik/Dzeko to get anither striker, if they would sell. Hmmmm, not sure yet
  15. Re: Hmm, Van der Vaart or Diego? Defo do the deal
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