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    Im glenn how ya doing, i love sports , girls , football and all that lovely stuff,
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    dublin ireland
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    football and sports plus girls
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    Secondary school
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    Liverpool , Celtic , Shamrock rovers.
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    torres gerrard kaka messi ronaldinho
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    A league lol
  1. Re: Beating weaker teams Actually no put Hamsik LM put oezil AM then keep the team the way they are. Tactics play attacking and pressurising;)
  2. Re: Beating weaker teams I think you should take hamsik out of AM and put oezil in there, then replace zanetti in CM. Use hamsik as a sub if youre losing for zanetti.
  3. Re: Beating weaker teams Who is your other midfielders?
  4. Re: NightShroud-'s Graphic Galleria You ar he best sig maker ive ever seen:eek:
  5. Re: offer for huntelaar accept it pal, you could get a three times better striker with that money then huntelaar;).
  6. Dean bouzanis Is Dean Bouzanis he worth keeping in my squad because i always use to just sell him when i take over a liverpool team.
  7. Re: Moving Text Signature.... Simple + Easy Way To Get Your Own Now! This is pretty cool lucking.
  8. Re: Team of The Decade! casillas cafu cannavaro nesta carlos ronaldo gerrard zidane giggs henry rivaldo subs messi ronaldo (fat) scholes beckham stam
  9. Re: Want a sig made? I can do that! On behalf of me, paul this is my thread go make your own if you wanna take requests.
  10. Re: Your opinions please tell how i could improve! How do i do that.
  11. Re: SPL on tv Well more exciting, every year in the scottish premier its either celtic or rangers who win it.How is that exciting please tell me.Now one thing that has quality about it in the scottish premier is the biggest rivalry in the world again celtic vs rangers which goes back to religion in ireland between catholics and protestants.On the other hand the irish league has a brand new team made called sporting fingal they get premoted to the irish premier and win the league cup in there first two years.In the irish premier every year you have these teams fighting to win the league bohemians, shamrock rovers , st pats, drogheda united, and cork city and also a very exciting relegation battle every year. So thats why imo the irish league is better then the scottish.
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