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  1. Have been offered vidic and ibrahomovic for Ronaldo !!!! Do I do it - they will both be 32 next month
  2. Re: oscar for alaba ? Thanks both. Was thinking the same way, and I already have lots of mids. please see my other post of who I should keep
  3. What will marquinos ratings do in near future ? does he play much for PSG.
  4. I have the following mids and want to know which ones are best to keep very difficult. Fernandinho Eriksen Gustavo Illaremendi Herrera De sciglio Matuidi constant contento
  5. I have alaba and have been offered Oscar in exchange. What do we think ?
  6. what will de gea ratings do in short term, until he gets into spain squad
  7. How do we get sm to look at ribery rating ?
  8. how can I find out which league in next to be reviewed. there used to be a list
  9. What is the rating potential for derossi and higuain ???? and benzema ??
  10. Have been offered de rossi and benzema for Ronaldo ?? what is the future ratings for these two ? would I be better trying to get higauin ?
  11. Hi all - does anyone else agree that Ribery should now get a rating increase, he performs well for club and country and has now been voted European player of the year over mESSI and Ronaldo !!! got to go up to 97 surely !!!
  12. Re: please help thanks - was kind of think of future as i have silva and kompany also
  13. david villa ? ribery ? sneijder ?
  14. is hummels and neymar for pique a good deal ?
  15. is this deal good ? what is the short and long term for these players
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