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  1. to be dead what's happened used to have a good laugh in the general football sections but it's empty now

    Game Engine

    If nothing is done about this soon I'm leaving SM. I'll really love to stay but I can't keep losing like this.
  3. Ive had this issue as well. I've had 9 players who have shot up to high concerns over night.
  4. They dont all get unhappy due to loans and rating, why can this not be limited to say 50 as you have a min squad size of 21.
  5. All over this - Soph ordered it for me for my birthday .
  6. Same i have to buy this as Lucky Patcher Kodi it's just like San Andreas and i think San Andreas is better than IV by a long shot.
  7. league up, 1st season transfer market just been open ,still some good teams left to be!! Game World ID 364772
  8. he has ever been knocked out. Haye has won 22, 21 of which were knockout and has lost one pro fight. Its going to be epic, and i think if Haye utilises his speed well enough ! i think he COULD just about do it, but one blow from Valuev and you aint gonna be getting back up, fingers crossed haye lands a
  9. Can anyone tell me if there is anything I could do to help this issue or is it just a bug with certain teams in certain game worlds.
  10. Sucking the life out of a joke xender discord omeglethat wasn't funny to begin with. No originality and drags on for half a year.
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