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  1. Hi, i just get to know of this forum hope my issue is solved Tactical issue, I have issue with my tactics, it is not working, I won league with Manchester city 2seasons ago, with 451 but last season it didn't work again, we go barren every game, with most shot on target, had lot of draws finish 3rd, then a fresh season began yesterday 15/09/19 I am shocked to lose 2-0 away to Roma Roma 4-2-2-2 - city 4-3-3B 44%-56% 3- 13 (total shot) 3 - 7 (on target) 1-0 (red card) 1-0 (yellow) 2-0 (goals) Is painful to play ederson, walker, bonucci, giminez, Mendy, wijnadum, Bernardo, de bruyne, aubameyang, bale. , sane And lost to Roma, I need a best stat, have average squad rating of 92 of total of 23players,
  2. Go for oblak instead, in my gameworld we saw Chelsea manager change GK to oblck, and their season changed, they kept more clean sheet, oblak won man if the match most most, they move from 18th at turn 5 he bought oblack to 3 at turn 14, son is a player I admire so well if I have him in my team I won't sell him, I offered sane+danilo perirea to spurs manager for son and it was rejected
  3. Well I just sold my nainggolan last week he is diminishing, after he reduce from 93 to 92 but in all I can not have kovacic in my team when I have an option of getting nainggolan
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