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  1. Gaetano Castrovilli's birthday also appears to be wrong by exactly 1 year. He's 22 not 21.
  2. Yeah I'd definitely do that providing you have other good options for CB. Fabinho is on track for 93 and Umtiti's rating is not secure with all his injuries and the competition he faces for a starting spot with Barca and France.
  3. Difficult one this. Right now I'd have to go with De Jong because he is already higher rated and a solid starter for Barca and the Netherlands. He is in position to get to 92/93 in the next year or so at this rate. Havertz is a huge talent but will probably struggle to get above 91 until he moves. That said, it looks like he probably will move to Bayern sooner or later where he'll be in a better position to rise further. I'd expect him to become a starter for Germany in the future as well. Foden is a great talent too but will struggle to get a lot of minutes at City because of their
  4. I'd be very tempted to take the duo. Thomas Partey has been playing really well so far and as MIlanista said, at this rate he should soon catch Alli's rating. He looks closer to a 93 than right now than Alli to be honest. Alli hasn't been at the level he was at a couple of seasons ago so has no chance to rise for the time being.
  5. Check these guys out. I'll try help by giving my predictions of where they'll be by the end of 2019 (on their current trajectory - obviously still early to say for sure): Mohamed SIMAKAN 19 73 -> 80/82 Bafode DIAKITE 18 78 -> 82/83 Benoit BADIASHILE 18 82 -> 85 Marash KUMBULLA 19 70 -> 78/80 Nehuen PEREZ 19 78 -> 82/83 Killian SARDELLA 17 73 -> 80 Rayan AIT-NOURI 18 73 -> 80/82 Domagoj BRADARIC 19 82 -> 85 Renan LODI 21 82 -> 85/86 Gustavo ASSUNCAO 19 73 -> 80/82 Aurelien TCHOUAMENI 19 82 -&g
  6. Thanks for your replies guys. There has been a development. The manager of Sancho has countered me Felix + Camavinga. I feel like maybe this is too much given Camavinga's promise. What do you think?
  7. Thiago easily at the moment. Yes he'll get a big rise if he carries on playing. Probably +4/5 at the Christmas review (assuming they wait that long to rise him).
  8. Sancho or Felix? I'd play either as a winger so CF of Felix doesn't matter so much. I feel like Sancho is closer to 91 at the moment but what are people's thoughts of their longer term potential? Thanks.
  9. I'd probably put them in this order (1 = most prefer to keep, 4 = most prefer to sell): List 1 1. Saliba 2. Badiashile 3. Anderson 4. N'Dicka List 2 1. Torres 2. Almada 3. Soler 4. Diaby
  10. I think I'd go for Sule. It seems like a matter of time before he rises to 92/93 as a key starter for Bayern and Germany. He looks a safer bet at the moment for a long term high rated centre back with the rise of Lenglet for Barca and France. Also, Umtiti is injured again for around a month (expected) and has missed a lot of games in the past year.
  11. I'd rather have Odegaard at the moment. He's playing very well and Sociedad have had a great start to La Liga. Torres is a nice talent but hasn't broken into the Valencia team yet so isn't getting many minutes. Stengs looks a nice player too but right now it's too soon for me to prefer the duo. It's a hazard to predict things this early in the season, but on the current trajectory I'd say by the end of the year they could be: Odegaard 88/89 Torres 86/87 Stengs 85/86 and end of season: Odegaard 89/90 Torres 87/88 Stengs 86/87
  12. I'd probably keep Umtiti and Hazard to be honest. (Edit) - Sorry I tried to quote but it didn't work and I don't know how to delete this now.
  13. Yeah that's what I thought. They basically got them the wrong way round in my opinion.
  14. I feel like Ihattaren (82) and Boadu's (80) rises don't add up when considering their seasons so far (according to Transfermarkt.com) : Eredivisie Ihattaren: Mins = 376, Goals = 1, Assists = 3, League (points/position) = 17/2nd Boadu: MIns = 471, Goals = 3, Assists = 4, League (points/position) = 16/3rd Europa League (qualifying + groups) Ihattaren: Mins = 266, Goals = 2, Assists = 2 Boadu: Mins = 620, Goals = 3, Assists = 4 Overall Ihattaren: Mins = 642, Goals = 3, Assists = 5 Boadu: MIns = 1091, Goals = 6, Assis
  15. Anyone else think Joao Felix's rise to 90 is a bit premature? I think he's an amazing talent, but expected this rise to come at Christmas when he'd played more minutes. Suits me fine because I've got him with a couple of my teams, but still think it's a bit too soon.
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