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  1. Lorenzo Pellegrini at roma is this lad worth buying or available kovacic sanson can draxler others
  2. philippe sandller just moved to Anderlecht on loan from man city isit a good move to sign him with the hope company has got him in to play first team football and be in for a decent rise next season
  3. Just after some opinions on kourt zouma is he expected to be involved in the first team this season and can he rise to 90+
  4. As you can imagine majority are taken but the likes of kovacic, kondogbia, I'd would consider lower rated player also
  5. Is arron wan bissaka worth 20 million I have Kyle walker but looking for some young quality I also need another cm with a budget of 40mill
  6. is maxi Gomez worth investing in then
  7. how good is maxi Gomez at celta vigo how damaging would a move to west ham be in his rating
  8. Out of all the reviews done on page one what leagues are to still be reviewd
  9. I will have a total of 40 million not a great amount so maybe 2/3 players
  10. I have an ageing team only 3 players under 30, I have a decent cash bid for son min do I cash in and bring in some players who can play first team if so any suggestions
  11. already posted regarding sule whats everyones opinions on him
  12. Maybe he will be the main CB there going forward he surly then must be a good buy for now and long term
  13. sule at Bayern will he get more game time this season with hummels gone
  14. Not something within here I have seen fore a while looking for some 70 or lower rated risers any stand out ones
  15. how good is this eder militao already decent rating but in terms of next season is he likely to even play for real madrid
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