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  1. Emboaba Oscar i have been looking at this lad for a while he is currently 90 rated and I believe he has wasted his career moving to China but that’s another story, can he hold his 90 rating for the foreseeable future ?
  2. What are the chances Ashley westwood will get a plus 1 for Burnley
  3. Looking at kamara at rangers only 82 what could his potential rise go to and also alioski from Leeds seems to be getting minutes
  4. What chance does Rafael toloi have of going to 90 rating seen his stats are decent and at champion league level to
  5. connor goldson at rangers been in great form this season currently 82 can he hit 85 and i imagine scotland rating changes a fair way away
  6. Looking at some brazilian ratings changes all played decent amount of time anyone predict what they could rise to C.ALEXANDRE 70 Botafogo FR M.MIRANDA 73 Vasco da Gama S.ADRYELSON 78 Sport Recife
  7. What’s the thoughts on Tyler Roberts for Leeds played a decent amount of minutes will he get a plus in the rating reviews
  8. Another one for Sweden:-

    Hope U can get a bid or 2 in becos Sweden may be reviewed within 5 working days I'd guess:-

    Norrkoping 84 Cap

    Sead Haksabanovic 80 Rated 21yo 1,870 mins out of 2250 ...............  Predict +2 to 82

    Henrik Castergren    75 Rated 24yo 1,519 mins out of 2250 2 Gls 1A. Predict +3/+5 to 78 to 80

    BK Hacken  83 Cap

    Godswill Ekpolo        80 Rated 25yo 2,027 mins out of 2160 2 Assists..... Predict +2/+3 to 82/83

    D Irandust                  80 Rated 22yo 1,880 mins out of 2160 6Gls 4Assist Predict +2 to 82

    G Berggren                 78 Rated 23yo 1,631 mins out of 2160 ...................... Predict +2/+3 to 80/81

    L Bengtsson               73 Rated 22yo 1,555 mins out of 2160 6Gls 2Assist  Predict +5 to 78


    Cheers Socca 😀

  9. Do you need to sign up for soccer wiki to see these reports on player risers etc
  10. Hi all I have gone back through this thread but struggling to find the danish rating reviews can anyone tell me what page number or direct me to it please
  11. Jordan Henderson 92 rating when Liverpool have wijnaldum fabinho both 93 any thoughts that Henderson could reach 93
  12. I am torn I have sterling and have been offered Saul and son for him what's the thoughts on this one
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