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  1. Choose: Bono or Dean Henderson or Mendy? Locatelli or Valverde or Mount? Trippier or Ricardo Pereira? Thanks
  2. Starting new gw? Consider me in if you can get enough managers.
  3. Any must buy newly added gk? Thanks.
  4. Ancelotti loves a no.10 who can play in between the lines. If Carlo decides to play Odegaard regularly with the attack built around him, I think he is gonna explode. But nothing can be said surely and we have to see how things go. I don’t follow Pellegrini much, so for me right now, Ruiz just edges it. But no doubt about Odegaard's potential though.
  5. Looking for some cheap players (88-90 rated) in (5-10) millions price range. Definitely not youngsters, but below 30 years of age players who will hold on to their ratings for at least a couple of years or even have a chance to rise. Any suggestion would be great. Thanks.
  6. Goalkeeper choice: Bayindir or Maksimenko? Also all of this three players below to get a +4? Bardakci, Ndao, Starfelt Thanks
  7. If any spot becomes available, I'm really interested.
  8. Hey I'm interested but can't find it on facebook. Could you give me the link please?
  9. Should I sell Thiago A. for Pogba+cash? Is Thiago likely to drop in the next review now that age is catching up? Also what about Pogba? I'm uncertain about his future.
  10. Should I swap Bruno Fernandes for Henderson?
  11. 78 rated! I also don't give much importance to gk ratings,but 78 is bold!
  12. I would take that maybe. I don't have much faith in gk rating in terms of their performances.
  13. I have been offered Chiesa for my Mahrez. Should I accept?
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