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  1. Hi. Good morning. I was offered Gnarby+Werner for Salah. I've made a counter offer of Icardi+Gnarby+30million for Salah. He accepted it. Do you think It's a good deal for me?
  2. Thanks for the heads up. If I'm not mistaken,shouldn’t a left footed player play on the right to score goals and vice versa?
  3. Morning. I managed a draw and a loss out of two with my tactic against stronger teams,so I'll definitely give yours a shot. Also I'm facing injury problems with Griezmann. He just recovered from one which is his third injury in last 3 months. I've been using him on the right wing, but having not getting expected result,I think I'll try him as CF in the next game. Thanks a ton for suggesting me,it means a lot. Good day😊
  4. Thanks for your input. I get that those deals weren’t tempting at all to be accepted. Also I'm a bit reluctant to let Werner go for Dybala though It's not my final decision. Please enlighten me if It'll be a good idea overall. Anyway,I understand that given my squad,It's hard to get stronger players quickly. About GW This is a new gw,only third season ongoing. In my devision,Bayern,RM and Man City are far better team and there's a 10 point gap between 3rd place RM and 4th place ATM. Other teams are quite similar. I took the charge of ATM just a month ago and till now managed to get 19 points from 13 games(league+shield; now out of the shield,just league). I used 4-2-3-1B as I view it a bit defensive formation good in counter. Recently,I thought of using 4-3-3B against similar or lower strength team(actually no less stronger than me,kinda same strength). I try to use tactics to counter my opponent. I usually play defensive+ long ball/direct against the top 3 and attacking/normal+mixed/short against others. I'm not much hopeful to land a 93/94 in attack in a short notice though I'll keep trying. And also a suggestion about transfer targets about potential superstars that can hit 93/94 in near future would be lovely. Thanks☺ Thanks for your input. I'm also a bit reluctant to let Werner go for Dybala,but given my team,I guess I either have to let 1 or 2 young players to go or have to be patient. Any suggestion you offer will certainly be valued. Thanks☺
  5. Hello there. I need a bit advice about transfer target. I'm in charge of Atletico Madrid in a gw. I'm trying to strengthen my squad,but keep failing.😐 Here's my first team and main substitutes: Oblak Godin,Gimenez,Bartra,Savic,L.Hernandez,F.luis,Florenzi,Moses. Rodri,Fernandinho,Saul,Koke,Fekir,Lemar Griezmann,Diego Costa,Werner, Vazquez,F.Anderson,Odegaard,Martins. I think I really should get a 93/94 winger right now. I made some offers like fekir+ lemar+cash or fekir+cash for son,dybala,sane etc. but got rejected. I guess those offers weren’t strong enough but given my squad,what else could I offer to get one of them? Also feel free to give further advice about my squad,tactics and transfer activities. Your help is very much appreciated and means a lot. Thanks in advance.
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    Playing style

    I have Salah in my team and play him on the right wing. But his playing style is general forward. I have griezmann in my other team and play him on the right flank too. But his playing style is deep lying forward. Where should I place them to get the best performance? It'd be of much help if it’s explained to me. Thanks in advance.
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