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  1. Should I sell Thiago A. for Pogba+cash? Is Thiago likely to drop in the next review now that age is catching up? Also what about Pogba? I'm uncertain about his future.
  2. Should I swap Bruno Fernandes for Henderson?
  3. 78 rated! I also don't give much importance to gk ratings,but 78 is bold!
  4. I would take that maybe. I don't have much faith in gk rating in terms of their performances.
  5. I have been offered Chiesa for my Mahrez. Should I accept?
  6. Belotti+20M for Gimenez? I'll get Gimenez. And I have enough option in attack,but really could use a defender. Does Gimenez have any chance of getting a drop anytime soon?
  7. I checked some of the players that are already reviewed and turned out they had change in positions,not ratings. So maybe this is for players that will have change in position.
  8. You may try 4-3-3A with default instructions. I had a couple of good matches with this specially against 4-2-3-1B.
  9. So Immobile still didn’t get it after 19 goals and 5 assists! Had a clue he wouldn’t but still feels harsh.
  10. Buying from external clubs allowed? Sorry if this is already mentioned, maybe I missed it.
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