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  1. Any indication on what will be reviewed after Belgium. I am aware Russia , Argentina , USA and Austria are due but have no clue in what order.
  2. Love your efforts you put in. Just one note. Hornby went to a 77 on the 22nd jan which is prob the reason there was no further rise
  3. Wrong emoji was meant to be a heart for a like. Good keeper up their with the best around at moment. However i personally think there aren’t that many top quality keepers around at the moment
  4. I do wonder what country will be the next reviewed. Hopefully Turkey will be completed by Christmas. I’m expecting Belgium, USA, Argentina, Austria, Russia and Ukraine all to be done before any summer review on the big 5 leagues is completed. Will SM drag these out with the current delay to football.
  5. Does that mean USA won’t be done anytime soon
  6. What ratings is next. I see Greece is being done and heard Croatia and Poland will follow. Any clue what is after
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