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  1. Happens occasionally. I remember having a player I purchased for a rise and then his value went down. Sometimes the hype value they have seems to be looked at when their rise comes. I lost about a million on him despite his +2 rise. Just have to suck it up
  2. Any suggestions / early indications for players hitting 90 rated in winter reviews? Greenwood I guess with the start he has had
  3. What a season in the end for Chelsea. They were in a right mess earlier in the season and ended 4th, runner up in fa cup and champions of Europe again. I’m not a chelsea fan but they were class tonight. chillwell and James brilliant and Kante world class. A proper team performance. Ratings will be interesting. Mendy +2 again maybe?He racks up the clean sheets for them.
  4. What do you guys think of Reinildo Mandava of Lille. Has been excellent this season and is probably one of the strongest left backs in the french league now. Likely a rise in the summer review to 85/86 I guess if they win the league. Would you keep him afterwards?
  5. Lucas Vazquez of Madrid 90 in the summer review?
  6. Does anyone know how to solve this. My new player database does not give names anymore. Not sure if i pressed something and don’t know how to get it back
  7. Great work as always. The detail provided is incredible and we massively appreciate the efforts
  8. Thoughts on Luca Waldschmidt. Now at benfica. Started the season ok. Good move for him? Chance of a rise next time reviewed ?
  9. If it’s not too much trouble could I be provided with a few low rated goalkeepers who are due a rise over the next couple of months. Looking just to make some money from their rise. Thanks
  10. When was the last time aus was reviewed fo you think they will get to these before the end of 2020
  11. Best performing players on Sm. Regardless of ratings or age what players do you find the best performing on Sm still currently playing. For me over the years I’ve loved Dimitri Payet and Burak Yilmaz And always try and pick them up in a gameworld
  12. Any goalkeepers due to rise to 87+ over up and coming reviews
  13. With pogba returning to the united side will this damage any potential risers for them. My predictions prior to lockdown are as follows however feel like if pogba continues to play the midfielders might suffer. Will it depend on top four to finish, fa cup and Europea League James +2 to 89 Fred +1 to 91 Martial +1 to 91 Lingard -1 to 89 Wan-Bissaka +1 to 90 Matic stay at 90 Pereira +1 to 87 Greenwood +3 to 86 Mctominay +1 to 89 Mata -1 to 88 Williams +2 to 84 Rashford +1 to 92 Ighalo +1 to 88
  14. Any indication on what will be reviewed after Belgium. I am aware Russia , Argentina , USA and Austria are due but have no clue in what order.
  15. Love your efforts you put in. Just one note. Hornby went to a 77 on the 22nd jan which is prob the reason there was no further rise
  16. Wrong emoji was meant to be a heart for a like. Good keeper up their with the best around at moment. However i personally think there aren’t that many top quality keepers around at the moment
  17. I do wonder what country will be the next reviewed. Hopefully Turkey will be completed by Christmas. I’m expecting Belgium, USA, Argentina, Austria, Russia and Ukraine all to be done before any summer review on the big 5 leagues is completed. Will SM drag these out with the current delay to football.
  18. Does that mean USA won’t be done anytime soon
  19. What ratings is next. I see Greece is being done and heard Croatia and Poland will follow. Any clue what is after
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