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  1. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) As a Barcelona supporter these are some of the changes I feel should have been dealt with which haven't. I feel that Dani Alves should have risen to 95 and be par with Maicon. In addition, Keita has had a huge season for both club and country and deserved a +1. Pique is still underrated in my opinion and deserves 93 to be above Albiol. Yaya is a 92+ player but hasn't had enough game time to warrant it and I wonder what Guardiola is doing playing Busquests over Toure...
  2. Re: Australia soar to 16th in the world rankings I think the Socceroos under Guus was a better team than the current one under Pim. Realistically I find ourselves in the mid 20s. We need to play a few more European and South American teams and get positive results to be considered 16... I'd actually want to see the Socceroos vs United States. The sporting rivalry between these two teams would be great. Both teams have bounced off positively from their campaigns and I think the game would be great.
  3. Re: Barca fans-would we rather have Eto or Villa? I think Barcelona are front-runners in signing David Villa. It was confirmed a few days ago by Perez that they had given up on the chase for Villa. They are apparently targeting Benzema.
  4. Re: Can Anyone Make It To 99? I've said this before on another thread a while back... Messi is peaked at 98. The way he plays/the skills he possess only enable him a 98. Although he is only 22 now, he has many more years to keep that rating if he continues to play well. Ronaldo does have the potential to hit 99 if he remains on his feet rather than on the turf. He has the skills and speed almost matching Messi, but Ronaldo dominates in shooting, power and physicality. To be honest, I think neither of the two will reach 99 like Ronaldinho because "Ronny" had everything in Messi and Ronaldo
  5. Re: Barca fans-would we rather have Eto or Villa? Selling Eto'o off now would be ideal since he is on his last year of the contract. Having Eto'o stay would mean the wages would be extremely high. I think If Villa comes (hopefully he will) he will get paid less than Eto'o, but enough for his quality. I think Villa is the perfect Fwd for Barcelona at the moment. The only thing he lacks is height.
  6. Re: Ronaldinho (when in form for Barca) Vs Messi To be honest, I think Messi will never be as good as Ronaldinho. I think Ronaldinho at his prime was the best player in history to play the game.
  7. Re: Who will Barca sign this summer? I think he has what it takes to become a good player in the future. A move to Malaga will help him get more playing time and grow as a player. With a name combining Xavi and Torres, how can the player not be good?
  8. Re: World's Current Best Player (Excluding Ronaldo + Messi) After Messi and Ronaldo I'd have: 3. Iniesta - ALWAYS influences the game positively. Barcelona and Spain rely on him a lot! He is such a small agile and skillful player. In my opinion, he needs to shoot more often. 4. Xavi - Keeps possession, distributes the ball well and has great vision. If the opposition can't get the ball, how can they win? Xavi and Iniesta know each other really well and would be the best CM combination in the game last season. 5. Gerrard - A complete player who can do pretty much everything. He can lift th
  9. Re: Who will Barca sign this summer? Barcelona will sign a LB for sure with the departure of Sylvinho. Probably Filipe Luis from Deportivo who will challenge Abidal the team's first choice LB. He is still young and will improve for sure if he comes to Barca. Barcelona has been interested in Keirrison for ages now, and the player has also said he would want to join Barca. I think this deal will be sealed soon, although I don't understand why they are after the young Brazilian when they have Bojan... I'd assume Bojan/Keirrison will be there in the ageing Henry. Speculation with David Villa ha
  10. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas Valdes Alves Puyol Pique Filipe.Luis Xavi Toure Iniesta Messi Villa Henry
  11. Re: The Special Setup -Official Teams And Rules Tottenham are trying to sell Defoe or are willing to trade him in + cash for another 90 or higher Fwd
  12. Re: Famous people you have met Glen McGrath - ex-Australian cricketer... met him while he was Christmas shopping at a nearby shopping centre. Sonny Bill Williams - ex-Bulldogs NRL player, but now plays in France. He was in line right behind me buying movie tickets to Tokyo Drift.
  13. Re: Best kit in the world I do like the new Spain Jersey. The black stripe is very bold and stands out nicely. Need to update my European Champions - Spain XAVI 8 jersey soon...
  14. Re: Eto + Modric + 17 million for Torres? I would not do this deal. There's too much to lose. Its either Eto'o + Modric or Eto'o + Cash Asking for both players and cash is too much in my opinion.
  15. Re: Can You Make Sigs And Ava's On Paint?
  16. Re: Can You Make Sigs And Ava's On Paint? Not really. It won't look any good. ...UNLESS you are a really good artist and can do things like this: http://media.photobucket.com/image/image%20made%20from%20MS%20paint/ak_56/ms_paint_drawing_in_500_hours.jpg It blows my mind knowing how they can do that on MS Paint!
  17. Re: Young GK Assistance What do you guys think of THURAM-ULIEN, Yoann of Monaco?
  18. Re: best team in the world Barcelona in terms of moral més que un club - more than a club If you have noticed, Barcelona don't have a sponsor on their jersey (besides Nike because that doesn't count). Rather, they have Unicef in which they donate money to them! Pretty much all other clubs have sponsors on their jerseys and earn an income off it. Barcelona prefer to donate to the needy. Interesting facts: Nike awarded Barcelona with (I think) 10M as a bonus for winning the treble. AIG the ex-sponsor on the ManU jerseys are pretty much bankrupt.
  19. Re: Stop Random Timed GC's ? I'm from Australia, it's located half the world away from Europe. For example, I would need to wake up at 4.30AM to watch Brazil vs Italy tonight... it sucks, but I still get up if there's nothing on the next day. I still havn't joined a GC yet because by the time I go looking, most of the teams are long gone. So I think by having it created randomly, it will be fairer to all as this is a game based on the world wide web.
  20. Re: Why Is La Liga Proving To Be So Attractive? In my opinion, La Liga is only being better recognized now than ever is due to Barcelona's historic 2008/09 campaign. The ramifications of how Barcelona has played "sexy" football and destroying Madrid has left Perez to sign these incredible players in order to compete with Barcelona next season. He thinks bringing in all these superstar players will make Madrid this win year, especially the CL because the Bernabéu is where the final will be hosted. What I'm trying to say is that these 2 clubs; Barcelona and Real Madrid may very well be the bes
  21. Hi guys, I am seeking a young GK whose rating is still in the 70s to low 80s. I have seen people discuss about FIORILLO, Vincenzo but was wondering if anyone knows of any other young GKs who will make it in the future? Thanks guys
  22. Re: Ridicolous!!! lol. I thought you've been playing this game for several years by now and should have known. You can check what the other team did last match by going to that team and clicking on last fixture. It will tell you what their strategies were for the starting XI.
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