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    Re: Lionel Messi with poll..
    I believe that Messi is currently the best player at the moment and deserves to be on par with C.Ronaldo in the ratings. However, surpassing the 98 mark to the 99 will be a difficult task. Only Ronaldinho has ever received the 99 and if you watched him at Barca for those years you would see why he deserved it. Ronaldinho is much more of a complete player than Messi or C.Ronaldo. He is a flambuoyant play maker who is very unpredictable (Something Messi lacks). He can score goals from anywhere (Like C.Ronaldo) and was very consistent! (C. Ronaldo fails here) If ever there was a one man team, that one man would have been Ronaldinho.
    Just have a look at one of many Ronaldinho compilations out there such as
    and ask youself, can Messi or C.Ronaldo do all that? Because they would need to in order to get 99.
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