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  1. JC#30


    Re: 80s -> 90s, Must Keep Players and The 90 - Droppers How can you justify an 87 for him, when the highest rating in the genclerbirligi team is 85?
  2. Re: Rolando or Thiago Silva? I have both so have been kinda trying to monitor their progress. i'm under the impression that thiago silva will rise to 90/91. As far as i'm aware he's been a regular for AC alongside nesta this season so far. i know that rolando is supposed to be set for a definite rise to 90.... I think its really down to whichever you fancy signing to be honest. Hope this helps J
  3. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Can you tell me about Peter Pekarik? I bought him a while ago on the assumption that he would be a riser come the german changes J
  4. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 Hey guys, can any of you give me some information on Zvjezdan Misimovic? His TB is up soon and i was wondering whether to part ex him, but obviously if he has a possibility of a rise then i might have to reconsider:p Thanks J
  5. Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions? SM researchers work monday-friday and process ratings changes accordingly. These changes are then updated onto the database the following day, therefore changes occur tuesday-saturday. So changes (whether for brazil or not) should happen tomorrow and whenever they have finished the summer changes they should move on to brazil. in short, they could be anytime this week, depending how long it takes them to finish the summer leagues J
  6. Re: Pernambucano JUNINHO 93>90 thats a very good point!
  7. Re: SANDRO RANIERI, Guimaraes no thiago silva??
  8. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 Phil is that a technical goalkeeping term?
  9. Re: Charlison Benschop - RKC Waalwijk Talent! any thoughts on a prediction for when the ratings come round? If he plays well he sounds like he could be in for a healthy increase
  10. Re: Any 89 or rated player going up?? dont forget rolando 89 -> 90 and **possible if he plays well for milan** Thiago silva 89 -> 90 EDIT: and if Santon and Cissokho have as good a years as last year they could both very well be 90 by the end of the season
  11. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Calcio, Who do you see being AC Milans starting CBs next season. Is Thiago Silva an automatic choice?
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