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  1. Re: Received a bid for Muller, they offered Negredo + Cavani Yeah, Uruguay should never make it to - let's say - the semi-finals of a World Cup (oh, wait...). But perhaps that wouldn't be impressive enough for a south american country with a total population of 3 million, right? Sticking to the topic: Cavani is safe at 94 and Negredo will probably rise to 92. I would say it is a fair deal for both managers, considering Muller is a young high rated player starter for Bayern Munich and Germany. Flip a coin to decide.
  2. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition I guess playing the Confederations Cup with Italy helped him to reach 89 sooner than the others (I don't see a any other explanation of why he rose so fast). I also think that Carvajal has still good chances of getting 90 before De Sciglio. Sending Arbeloa to bench twice (Real Madrid and Spain) is a matter of time (IMO he was one of the weakest spots of Spain in Confederations Cup).
  3. Re: Selling Falcao ??? That deal is a joke, honestly. As said, keep Falcao.
  4. Re: Leandro damiao or James Rodriguez Both are great prospects, but James is at the moment the best choice IMO.
  5. Re: Welbeck and Cleverley They should update Man Utd and Arsenal by the end of the week I guess. I think Welbeck has a tiny chance to rise to 90, but he will most likely stay. On the other hand I feel Wilshere could well get +1 in this review, as he's been superb lately. Edit: Cleverley 86 > 88!
  6. Re: Daniel AGGER x Kolarov (mio) +10 mill ??? Quizás 10M sea mucho, pero entre esos dos prefiero a Agger. Yo lo haría.
  7. Re: defenders IMO you don't need them. Rafael is still a good prospect and Piszczek is a certain riser and a nice player. Though I would get Boateng because he's able to play as CB, RB and LB.
  8. Re: de gea or courtios I'd go for Courtois, but De Gea is still a decent prospect. I really don't understand why people blame him all the time when it's obvious the main problem is United's defence.
  9. Re: Keeping Balance It obviously depends on what your squad needs. I would only consider to sell M'Vila and De Gea out of those players. Then if I had money enough I would sign Strootman Ter Stegen and Moses (in this order).
  10. Re: keep 1, loose 1, need your advice I'd buy the ones in bold.
  11. Re: What's your Favourite Genre of Music?
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