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  1. Re: Received a bid for Muller, they offered Negredo + Cavani Yeah, Uruguay should never make it to - let's say - the semi-finals of a World Cup (oh, wait...). But perhaps that wouldn't be impressive enough for a south american country with a total population of 3 million, right? Sticking to the topic: Cavani is safe at 94 and Negredo will probably rise to 92. I would say it is a fair deal for both managers, considering Muller is a young high rated player starter for Bayern Munich and Germany. Flip a coin to decide.
  2. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition I guess playing the Confederations Cup with Italy helped him to reach 89 sooner than the others (I don't see a any other explanation of why he rose so fast). I also think that Carvajal has still good chances of getting 90 before De Sciglio. Sending Arbeloa to bench twice (Real Madrid and Spain) is a matter of time (IMO he was one of the weakest spots of Spain in Confederations Cup).
  3. Re: Selling Falcao ??? That deal is a joke, honestly. As said, keep Falcao.
  4. Re: Leandro damiao or James Rodriguez Both are great prospects, but James is at the moment the best choice IMO.
  5. Re: Welbeck and Cleverley They should update Man Utd and Arsenal by the end of the week I guess. I think Welbeck has a tiny chance to rise to 90, but he will most likely stay. On the other hand I feel Wilshere could well get +1 in this review, as he's been superb lately. Edit: Cleverley 86 > 88!
  6. Re: Daniel AGGER x Kolarov (mio) +10 mill ??? Quizás 10M sea mucho, pero entre esos dos prefiero a Agger. Yo lo haría.
  7. Re: defenders IMO you don't need them. Rafael is still a good prospect and Piszczek is a certain riser and a nice player. Though I would get Boateng because he's able to play as CB, RB and LB.
  8. Re: de gea or courtios I'd go for Courtois, but De Gea is still a decent prospect. I really don't understand why people blame him all the time when it's obvious the main problem is United's defence.
  9. Re: Keeping Balance It obviously depends on what your squad needs. I would only consider to sell M'Vila and De Gea out of those players. Then if I had money enough I would sign Strootman Ter Stegen and Moses (in this order).
  10. Re: keep 1, loose 1, need your advice I'd buy the ones in bold.
  11. Re: What's your Favourite Genre of Music?
  12. Re: What's your Favourite Genre of Music? I like Queens of the Stone Age! They are from there, right? I'm very excited about the release of the new album with Dave Grohl (again) on drums. I hope it comes out soon.
  13. Re: What's your Favourite Genre of Music? AiC, Soundgarden and Melvins are my favourite out of those bands. I recently bought AiC's Unplugged MTV, such a great performance, can't seem to get enough.
  14. Re: What's your Favourite Genre of Music? To be honest, I never paid much attention to Radiohead. I totally forgot to mention Foo Fighters by the way! I'm a huge fan of them.
  15. Re: What's your Favourite Genre of Music?
  16. Re: Need help From the top of my mind Jesus JUAN, Saphir TAIDER, Stephan EL SHAARAWY (+2/+3 most likely), Bruno MARTINS INDI, Ryan BERTRAND, Jonjo SHELVEY, Matija NASTASIC, Mattia PERIN, Jackson MARTINEZ.
  17. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Mattia de Sciglio (77) - AC Milan
  18. Re: badstuber Jorge Martinez and Lucio? Keep Badstuber.
  19. Re: Luiz Adriano or Leandro Damião Nah, he won't reach 91 while at Internacional. I'd say he will keep rising if he finally moves to Spurs (he's been linked with them several times). He's really good though, believe me.
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