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  1. SM is SM is ridicoulous if Andreas Pereira not rise
  2. Alguien tiene alguna predicción de campeonato? ollie watkins 83 rating, 18 goals but what will be his new rating?
  3. oussama idrissi, player of az alkmaar(second of the league) 19 match. 10 goals and 2 assist- rating 85 how many can get? and koopmeiners 19 match too 7goals and 1 assis- rating 85
  4. anyone know what will be the next league after premier league?
  5. after premier league, what league will be the next?
  6. What league Will be the Next after premier league?
  7. What do you prefer ? A Player 87 rating and 92% condition Or A Player 82 rating and 100% condition
  8. What league Will be the Next after premier league?
  9. Why SM id checking so slowly LA LIGA? Celta and Mallorca i think is nota completed
  10. Any interesting players of italian league? I dont find anyone
  11. anyone know how can i calculate the price for example.. aouchiche if he get 77? its a rule of 3?
  12. hi, what do you prefer for to wish money? -to buy pelmard(340), aouchiche(380k), chouiar(300) and chotard(400) -or to buy disasi(1,4m)
  13. ¿Cuál es la mejor formación? que piensas?
  14. today john mary +10 to 83 so, shuai yang would be 83 too? and liyu yang too
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