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  1. What Player is not going to drop? Clyne, borini maybe?
  2. But i dont know if the target man only can be AC? Or AMR?
  3. What is target man? And when use him? Mane can be target man if he play on the band?
  4. If i play 4-3-3B, my playmaker is kroos, he would be MDC or MC?
  5. My play maker is toni kroos, with 4-3-3B, he would be DCM?
  6. My Team are 100%, i have played contraatack in the last match, playmaker and target man. Mixed passes,offensive, fast. The other team play 4-2-3-1 B, very offensive, mixed passes, mixed attack, fast. Result: 0-4 Possesion: 58-42 Shots: 13-9 On goal: 2-3
  7. I have losed 0-4, and i am the best Team of the league, sometimes i dont understand this game, my Team is 93 and the other team 90, i play with mbappe and mané in the bands with 4-3-3 B. The others Team of the league use 4-2-3-1B or 4-2-3-1A Any suggestion? would i use 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3? Counterattack? Offensive? short passes? Direct?
  8. I am the best Team of my league with mbappe and mané in the bands, usually i play 4-3-3B but i have losed 0-4😂. And the other team is much weaker than me. Any suggestion? 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1? What form would you use?
  9. What is best option? 4-3-3 A Thiago draxler chamberlain Mane martial mbappe 4-3-3 B Draxler Thiago chamberlain Mane Martial Mbappe
  10. Does anyone know why sm offers more money in some players than in others?
  11. I have mbappe and martial. Who is best option: Mbappe, martial, Mané Mbappe, Kane, martial I use target man
  12. I can to get 2 Players, Salah, Mané, Neymar, kane, hazard Who would you choose?
  13. If i win smfa SHIELD and in the league i am 8, the Next temp Will i play smfa SHIELD?
  14. 4-3-3 A VS 4-3-3 B When to use ? What is the most effective?
  15. My BEST striker is immobile and my play maker is Thiago Alcántara, they are my BEST players, i think to attack in the middle with 4-2-3-1A are you agree with me?
  16. I need right defender Hateboer or lazzari can be 90?
  17. Westwood, Stuart amstrong or lundstram? Can get 87 these Players?
  18. I play 4-3-3 A And i play offensive What is best option to put kroos midfielder or forward?
  19. I have the best Team of my league but i dont have the best attack I am not sure if to play offensive, normal or defensive
  20. When IS reccommendable to play offensive? When your attack is stronger than the other team? Or when generally your team is stronger?
  21. ¿Cuándo es recomendable jugar ofensivo? Cuando tu ataque es más fuerte que
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