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  1. Muller can be 93 yet? I am thinking to sell him
  2. What is best option for my league match? Player 85, 100% Player 87, 94%
  3. Muller stay or to sell? I can change for henderson
  4. Lemar -1, is possible ramsey and vecino -1?
  5. I need Midfielder and i have 3,5 million, any suggestion?
  6. Who is the best option for +1? Martial Ángel correa Joaquín correa Carrasco Bentancur Barella
  7. Reguilon 87 +2 to 89 Malinovskiy 87 to 89 Boga 86 +2 to 88 Castrovilli 86 to 88 Are you agree?
  8. Benedetto has scored 3 goals in 6 match in my game world I can exchange benedetto for gosens, what would yo dou?
  9. Zouma or dendoncker? Both of them should be 90
  10. I need cheap midfielder, ramsey or vecino? Both of them Will stay?
  11. Halstenberg stay klostermann 91 Volland stay, nkunku 88..90.. laimer 88..90 Jajaj SM is crazy And what happen with haaland and hazard?
  12. I have 16 million, i need a player, the position is not important. Joe Gómez is the best option?
  13. Leipzig and leverkusen have finished? Volland, Halstenberg..
  14. Tomiyasu +2? Or other defender 85+2?
  15. Who is most probable to get 91? Nelson semedo Joe Gómez Martial Bentancur Chamberlain
  16. Any midfielder (90) Will get 91? And vecino Will be 92?
  17. If the best Players of my Team are Alcántara 94 and immobile(92) i should attack in the middle no? The others Players are 89/90
  18. 4-2-3-1 o 4-3-3? ¿Qué forma es la mejor cuando eres el mejor equipo? Si ataco en el middle, creo que la mejor opción es 4-2-3-1A o 4-3-3 A Si ataco por ambas bandas, creo que la mejor opción es 4-2-3-1B o 4-3-3 B ¿Que piensas?
  19. @Sir Rahul if you are not gold, you cant to choose your tactics in smfa SHIELD Any suggestion?
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