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  1. I think budimir Will be 87.. are you agree with me?
  2. Íñigo Martínez stay? Matip stay or+1?
  3. Dendoncker, caldara,Brooks, zouma o Diego Llorente ¿Quién recibirá 90?
  4. I play 4-3-3B and i am the best Team My attack Players are osimhen, immobile and muniain What is the best option: - To attack by both bands - or in the center
  5. @Sir Rahul why Joe Gómez 91? He only play 21 match and 15 headline
  6. What do you think about dendoncker? And is possible to increase the moral of the Players? The best Players of my Team has 61
  7. Akanji, Joe Gómez, lindelof, soyuncu, ginter Who will get 91?
  8. Why klostermann +1 and Halstenberg not? Klostermann 31 match 3 goals, 1 assists Halstenberg 29 match 3 goals, 3 assists
  9. Henderson will drop in value in the end of june?
  10. Any player can get 90? Canales De jong Aurier Paulista Volland Bellarabi Ocampos Ayoze Pérez
  11. Lukaku or immobile? Both should get 93?
  12. Is important Who is the captain of my team?
  13. Why i cant give a Player in loan if the Players is only 85, and is not of my titular Team?
  14. Lukaku 93? Henderson 93? What would you choose? Its not important the position.. I want to choose the Players Who Will get 93 easily
  15. Casemiro +1? Kroos quedarse? Courtouis? coutinho?
  16. I hace good team, now i only just want to están money, but i am not sure what are the best Players for to get money.. kulusevski Kenny Reece james Tomiyasu Zagadou Bastoni Estupiñan Greenwood Adama traore
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