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  1. Calvert lewin +2 to 90? Moussa diaby +2 to 88? Gosens +2 to 90?
  2. Cualquier jugador de 88 a 90? 87 a 89 or 85-87 i want to wish money 😜
  3. I have 8 million, What Player or Players do you reccomend?
  4. What is best option for the match? James Rodríguez(92) 90% Thorgan hazard(90) 100%
  5. I am Happy for disasi, but still i dont understand why dont appear in soccerwiki I Hope +2 osimhen 😜
  6. The Players normally appear in soccerwiki and a few days later appear in SM Why dont appear osimhen, disasi..? If dont appear in soccerwiki i suppose that these Players wont grow
  7. I am agree with you Is ridiculous Osimhen is a similar problem None of then appear in base dates soccerwiki
  8. Soccerwiki review the Players and in the Next days appear in SM, its true no? Osimhen dont has review and the others Players of Lille yes
  9. In soccerwiki i think have finished ligue 1 But a lot of players dont have been review, for example osimhen I am disappointed..
  10. And Muller can be 93? 6 goals and 15 assists
  11. Osimhen is not review in soccerwiki, but others Players of Lille are being review. I am worried
  12. Is important to choose the captain?
  13. ¿Como puedo conocer los atributos de los jugadores? Por ejemplo, me gustaría Quién es el jugador ideal para las corners. En soccerwiki no aparece
  14. How can i know what is the best free shots? The best rating Player?
  15. After belgium league Will be russia?
  16. I need your opinion of these players: -Jonás Héctor: -1 or stay -rudy: -1 or stay Ander Herrera: -1 por stay Héctor Herrera -1 or stay What would you choose for your team?
  17. What do you think about Ander Herrera? -1 Or stay
  18. What is the Next league review? I am not sure with turkey
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