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  1. Why SM id checking so slowly LA LIGA? Celta and Mallorca i think is nota completed
  2. Any interesting players of italian league? I dont find anyone
  3. anyone know how can i calculate the price for example.. aouchiche if he get 77? its a rule of 3?
  4. hi, what do you prefer for to wish money? -to buy pelmard(340), aouchiche(380k), chouiar(300) and chotard(400) -or to buy disasi(1,4m)
  5. ¿Cuál es la mejor formación? que piensas?
  6. today john mary +10 to 83 so, shuai yang would be 83 too? and liyu yang too
  7. china will be the next league? do you know any important changes?
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