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  1. He won't be a starter halland and lewa are my strikers and I was thinking of using him as winger
  2. Pls y'all Who do you prefer btw coman and dybala and I bought bernado silva and I want him to play attacking mid with messi I already have gorezka who I have received a swap bid with rashford.. gorezka or rashford??
  3. Beem waiting for this I had him in my team for so long even when mates team got stronger him and valverde rising is a big boost
  4. What do think about Sergio bousquet should I swap with witsel
  5. Rank diego Carlos alessio romangnoli and ginter
  6. Both managers of lukaku and immobile priced out of the deal but finally stroke swap deal with the manager of aubameyang for griezman.. good deal or not??
  7. Sell griesman for immobile for lukaku
  8. So what you're saying is that if sancho who is 92 rating does well in the game gets +5 let's say to 96 and also gets a rating increase during the usual rating reviews then is sancho 97 rated player or 93 rated
  9. They are look promising butToo many attackers to choose from playing time might be limited
  10. Received a bid of saul niguez for my ziyech what do think
  11. What do y'all think about Chelsea new boys timo havertz and ziyech worth keeping for a while??
  12. I played a 433a but mt forwards largely underperformed leaving all the scoring and assisting to messi although am third in the league and i like the 4231 formation because it's more flexible
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