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  1. Guys... who would you sing between loftus cheek..Dani olmo.. Konrad laimer or Christopher nkunku
  2. Would you swap David silva + Rodrigo for Thomas partey
  3. Oyarzabal or ousemane dembele?? Who would be a better buy
  4. what are the chances of Ruben neves getting a rise
  5. What do you guys think of milinko savic getting a 92 in summer if Lazio continue doing and possible is maddison to 91
  6. After the review I have sms.donny van de beek and havertz available..who should I go for
  7. What y'all think about donney van de beek his a little pricey at 32m..is he worth the buy
  8. Federico valverde..Phil foden.. Harvey Barnes guendozi
  9. 50/50 should rise but the injury might prevent it
  10. What do you think of a debryune and de jong swap deal...is it worth it
  11. I am seeing some more shocking rating review to come... Leicester city boys could hit 91 maddison chilwell or tielemans..a 92 for vardy or Rashford
  12. I have a 24 man squad I rotate well yet I would have a 100 fitness get injury for months my pal with a 21 man squad rearly get injuries as I do
  13. Have any one experienced injuries getting out of hand...I seem to have more injuries than other teams maybe because I created the gw or something and I can't remember the last time I went 5 matches without a player injured....no need to report to am don't know what they are doing am tired of typing long text for them Any one got any advice or ideas...are the injuries random or am I just unlucky
  14. Something tells me we should get ready for more surprised ratings
  15. Umtiti or de ligt or hummels?? Will umtiti get a drop in rating in summer or now because of lack of playing time
  16. If de jong gets a rise does de ligt also deserve a rise
  17. Have you experienced starting the league with a poor form with out finding a solution through out the season.... And does anyone know if there is an injury bug or something in sm world I usually get more long term injuries with my 23 man squad than people with smaller team happened last.. and this season is worst... Kyle walker missed 15 games Laporte has been injured since 10 October to return this month aguero will miss 7 games this month debryune got end of season injury return date 17 Jan season end 16 Jan with 29 games played currently 4th and also playing smfa cup competition ko and to add to it team inconsistent And in poor form with 8 draws this season and as usual sm said thier is no bugs Needs every body opinion... don't know what to do again
  18. Had an argument with my pal on the possibility of maddison hitting 91 since his English and has a lot of hype... what y'all think
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