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  1. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 yeah, he is a good prospect. possible 91 or 92 one day
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... This isn't exactly a help with deals thread. But I need some advice on managing this team I have. It has relatively a lot of money (70m) in a normal setup. I have a decent number of good 90+players and a lot of young 88s, 89s and 80+s. So much so that there is trouble giving every player playing time. No one wants to loan the players I put on the loan list. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  3. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings I meant from Milan and Juventus youth setups. Balotelli and Santon are from Inter, Macheda from Lazio, Criscito from Genoa, Sirigu from Palermo and I don't watch Italian football much but I think Poli and Schelotto arent from Milan or Juve. Sampdoria or Bari? I was trying to say that world class teams like them should be producing youths, just like Arsenal producing players like Ramsey, Walcott or United like Welbeck, Barcelona like Messi, Bayern like Müller and Badstuber or something... Very few coming from Milan or Juve... Albin Ekdal maybe? I dunno...
  4. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings well i do hope Alexis Sanchez joins Milan. I'm not being funny and I know I dont watch Italian football that much but I do feel that Milan and Juventus have squads that are aging. Gattuso, Pirlo and all are the names i hear at the 2002 world cup. Yeah, they did well in 06 to win the world cup but these players were the stars, 8 years ago... Milan and Juventus needs a revolution to bring in the young and talented players. And make some stars too! Everywhere else, there are stars emerging from youth systems but very few coming from Italy...
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok, I need help I have a team as such: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Vidic, Pique, Evra, Kjaer Badstuber, Kolarov , Marcelo Viera, Essien, Fabregas, De Rossi, Gourcuff, Özil, Arshavin, Ronaldo, Ribery, Rooney, Torres, Higuain, Pato. I want to sign Sneijder and I realise I could do so by trading Gourcuff, 1 for 1. This may sound a stupid question but should I do the deal? I think I should but I like Gourcuff and I only think I would do the trade if Sneijder is going to rise for sure. Also, should I sell Marcelo? I doubt he is going to become part of Mourinho's team so I want to sell him and maybe get someone like Muntari (will he rise?) Thanks in advance!
  6. Re: please help real madrid 4-4-1-1, top to bottom, left to right, Casillas Ramos Vidic Pepe Albiol/Arbeloa swap@half time Ronaldo Kaka(arrow up, no arrow up after half time, swap for xabi alonso after 60m) Fabregas Ribery Higuain(arrow up + playmaker) (if winning after 75m, bring Van der Vaart) Torres Captain: Highest morale guy FreeKick: Ronaldo Penalty: Fabregas Corner: Ribery attacking, down both flanks, slow, own half, mixed passing Not exactly the best formation since some players (Albiol, Kaka, Higuain) arent in their exact positions. But I'll play something similar to that. And generally you should win with something like that.
  7. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) This is a laliga thread right? May i ask what are your opinions on Mourinho's takeover as coach of Real Madrid? Will there be any drastic changes to the players positions or the starting 11? I heard he doesnt like Marcelo and prefers Sergio Ramos in CB. He also intends to bring Kolarov (he's very good) and Maicon to Real Madrid. Will Albiol be affected? Also, will Lassana Diarra's sickle cell anaemia cause him to lose playing time? Just curious for some opinions...
  8. Re: Kolarov or Baines ?? Kolarov without a doubt. He's supposed to be heading to Madrid this transfer season. I believe he'll make it big there. Its one of Mourinho's first signings so I believe he sees good in Kolarov and he'll play in LB or even LM depending on Mourinho's style. He makes a very good wingback, he can run upfield and shoot from long range. Very good player, dubbed as the next Roberto Carlos too.
  9. Re: Aleksandar KOLAROV He's great. You have to get him, I got him in every setup i could. He is dubbed as the next Roberto Carlos. He has stunning long range accuracy and thats all I can say about him. I am watching him at the world cups, i believe him to be stunning for Serbia. Get him, he's really good.
  10. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 OH MY GOODNESS!!! :confused:Muller and Badstuber only got 88? I expected like 89/90 for both of them! While they are young and have only recently rose to fame, I cant believe they only got 88 especially since their performance has been so superb, and in the national team too! Marin, Ozil, Kroos got their rises which is good. Schweinsteiger and Lahm also got rises... Altintop got changed to mid/RB though i dont see him in the RB position much... Robben 94, Contento 82, Alaba 80, Ekici stayed, Neuer 91, Olic 92,Khedira 90, Kießling stayed:eek:??? Matip 83, Schmitz 85, Butt 89, Elia stayed... thats about all i remembered... oh yeah... Derdiyok got 88
  11. Re: Potential List Of 89-Rated Players Set To Rise To 90 haha and Pjanic to 90... Nice thread!!!
  12. Re: Mascherano or De Rossi?? if i have Essien and Fabregas in CM position, Xabi and Lassana Diarra in DM position, should I also trade Xabi for De Rossi??? EDIT: also, should I trade Benzema for Gomez? I think Benzema screwed up at Madrid as he isnt going to the world cup.
  13. Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010
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