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  1. What's going to happen with Morata when reviewed? Up/down/stay? I know nothing about him. ta.
  2. Is he on the database mate? Can't find him at all.
  3. I wouldn't touch Winks with a bargepole right now. Cant get in the team and on the rare occasions he does, he looks like he's lost all confidence and skill. Avoid.
  4. Any Wolves predictions out there? Specifically Vitinha and Fabio Silva. Wondering if it's worth selling to raise funds. Ta.
  5. Few young 70's made (what I assume is) debut's last night for Real Madrid. Victor Chust (73) played the whole 90 minutes as one of the two CBs. No doubt worth picking up. Clean sheet too.
  6. He's gone! Happy flipping days, he's gone! HALLELUJAH!!!!
  7. Here's a question for you... One of my teams, I only have 2 goal keepers and one has developed serious concerns. What will eventually happen with him, as you always have to have 2 GK's. Will he be sold and the chairman immediately purchase a 10k no hoper? or will he remain unsold as you can't sell one of your two GKs?
  8. But he's been playing LB for the Republic of Ireland?!?!
  9. These position changes are really getting on my nerves. Some really tight gameworlds I'm in, where I literally have a first 11 and a bunch of 200k no hopers, it's truly screwing me.
  10. Pastoski added too, a young Spurs CB. Not sure if he's any good but he did start for the full Estonian national team in the last internationals. That was the first time (as a Spurs fan) I'd ever heard of him.
  11. Yeah, I'm still after the discord link
  12. Chaps, do bench appearances qualify for rating increases in SM, or just appearances? Wondering if Dane Scarlett has an early chance of a rise. He does have a Europa assist to his name 😆
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