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  1. 21 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Highly talent youngster Zidan Sertdemir (16) has joined Bayer Leverkusen from Nordsjaelland. Technical central midfielder who is a brilliant passer of the ball playing through the lines.

    Long term investment, moving to a good club for his development. Short clip below.

    One to keep an eye out for when added to SM.


    Is he on the database mate?  Can't find him at all.


  2. Here's a question for you...

    One of my teams, I only have 2 goal keepers and one has developed serious concerns.

    What will eventually happen with him, as you always have to have 2 GK's.  Will he be sold and the chairman immediately purchase a 10k no hoper?  or will he remain unsold as you can't sell one of your two GKs?

  3. 1 hour ago, Nameless said:

    Your points are valid but let me ask you this question. If Carvajal, Vasquez, basically all RBs of RM are injured who do you think Zidane will deploy as RB?

    And as for the comparison Ramos would have started as RB over Vasquez sometimes I wholeheartedly disagree. This only means Ramos is more useful/helpful as CB. It doesn't mean he cannot play RB. 

    Taking away RB and LB from Ramos and Romagnoli is unjustifiable. 

    Not started a match in a certain position for x amount of time doesn't equate to a player cannot play in that position. 

    Also taking away Kane's AM is another mind boggling decision. 

    Tottenham plays 4231 with Kane acting as number 10. 

    Completely agree.  Kane is top of the assist charts for that very reason.

  4. Just now, gyanthecat said:

    I reckon all these random risers are due to the upcoming U21 Euro Championship, and SM trying to update the players who received a call-up for the competition. In light of that, I had a plan to try and predict these risers, but it would have been extremely time-consuming - as we are talking about players playing in completely different teams and leagues - and even knowing this, almost totally unpredictable, for the reason you just mentioned (partial vs. full risers).

    However, I believe that once this hectic and hyperactive period is over, a schedule will more or less be followed and random risers will be reserved for exceptional cases only. Well, at least I hope so! Cheers :)

    Not a bad shout... the young West Brom keeper got a rise too and he's in the English U21 squad.  Josh Griffiths.

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