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  1. Cheers all, selling up the Brazilians so expect a full review in the next 10 days
  2. Not sure what to do with my Brazilian recruits then. Might just sell them off.
  3. What's the situation with the Brazilian league? Has it started, close to finish, close to updates?
  4. Do we think Sutalo at Atlanta will get a rise at all?
  5. Gents, Pau Lopez or Alex Meret? Or should I push the boat out for Strakosha?
  6. Thoughts on Marcos Llorente (A. Madrid). Worth picking up?
  7. Not really abrest of Italian football. Are we saying Milan are decent this season finally and actually have a chance?
  8. Morning. Definitely. Would love you to join the party and take the competition up a bit.
  9. Interested here to see who everyone thinks has done well, particularly as no one seems concerned about wages and the impact that they will have before the first transfer ban is up. I created a similar world in the summer (same budget, smaller teams) and some people learnt the hard way - and soon quit - as a result - GW 419938 btw
  10. Nothing you can do about that now. Just deal with it and move on.
  11. Yep. I had the same when I set up "Random as Fack"
  12. 35 man squad cap? I suppose it depends on teh budget
  13. So if I'm 32nd, I have to list 32 players in preference order? Give over. We'll be here for weeks before we get a first 11. Just open it and have a free for all.
  14. Unleash the hell of a free for all. Always anxious and entertaining. A draft sounds like a boring logistical nightmare.
  15. Don't want to read 11 pages, have we got rules, setup, budgets, squad caps etc. etc. confirmed as yet?
  16. Van Sheikh in here? I don't know his forum name.
  17. Maybe a chance of Lamela back to 90 at the end of this season... Maybe. But I can't see him being more of a bit part player (I'm a Spurs fan). Especially with Bale and arguably Moura, ahead of him.
  18. 1 standard setup for me. Never deviate unless I purchase higher quality recruits.
  19. There will be a huge amount of this sort of stuff by the end of this week IMO.
  20. I seem to be in a bit of a lull in terms of players to target. Any obvious 89-91 band players I should be concentrating on? Or is it too early in terms of various competitions to see where the real value is yet?
  21. Gianluca Frabotta (21, 73). Started for Juve in their first game of the season.
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