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  1. Again, late to the party but Tyrick Mitchell added who is starting for Palace now. Jimmy Dunne is also on there, having started for Burnley yesterday too.
  2. Morning everyone. Back after a couple of weeks off. What have I missed? Any decent talents introduced? Reguillon to Spurs looks like it's happening, Bale too. What a coup eh?
  3. Have they finally started the Russian review?
  4. What do we know about Lucas De Vega? Seemingly Spurs interested in buying him, but I know nothing...
  5. What is this irritating side banner on the page now? Just me? If not, how on earth do I get rid of it?
  6. Yeah, had him a while since he left Spurs. Bloody Thierry nicked him from us
  7. Word is that Vertonghen is signing for Benfica. Not sure what that does for his rating. Drop to 90 maybe?
  8. What's happening with Kjaer, will he stay at 89?
  9. As a Spurs fan, no. But looking at some of the picks and more impartial opinion on here, seems there's a chance. Hojbjerg a better long term prospect there I'd say.
  10. Morning all Still got 3 clubs available in my GW - Random as Fack. Second season a few days away from starting if someone wants a proper challenge. GW: 419938 Ta.
  11. No Hojbjerg in teh page 1 preds. Surely he gets a +1?
  12. Ocampos +2 is a pleasant surprise. Same for Lodi and Marcos Llorente.
  13. So who are the most overrated players in SM at the minute? Who's going to drop like a stone?
  14. Chaps, season has ended and 2 clubs available in my gameworld "Random as Fack". It's tough, really tough, cash is very tight. Does anyone want to try turning around the fortunes of FC Spiranta Crihana Veche, or FC Sopoti Librazhd -> in a particularly bad way. GW ID: 419938
  15. Cheers dude. Any Spain preds out there?
  16. Not been around for a few days... Is this the start of a Russian review?
  17. Quite good looking, but not really my type. Cooks a cracking omlette though.
  18. Apologies for the stupid questions to follow, have taken over a very large squad containing a large number of players I've not heard of. Thoughts on: Santiago Caseres Andrija Zivkovic Kelvin Amian Ruben Pardo Arne Maier
  19. Should Kouassi get a review under this German one now he's moved to Bayern? Are we expecting a rise?
  20. Upamecano... is he getting a rise this week?
  21. Morning all Have 3 clubs available in my rather challenging little GW id: 419938 "Random as Fack" All three are likely to be in horrific debt, but the main transfer bans will be up today.
  22. Nah, he's not. Been mentioned a few times.
  23. Castagne likely to get a rise? Apologies, don't watch any Italian football.
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