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  1. Pitiful updates for the Bielefield players today. Pitiful.
  2. Indiana Vassilev made it on to the pitch for Villa yesterday. Rated 65, gotta be worth the 140k to pick him up.
  3. Players are just stats in this game. Nothing else. There's no personality or performance factor other than giving them a new contract for confidence.
  4. Does anyone remember the random Brazilian player from 5 or 6 years ago. He was rated 60 but 24 or 25 years of age and I think when reviewed went straight up to 80's rating. Who was he? Coritiba player I think. What's the biggest rise you've seen or received for one of your players?
  5. This comment proves that the majority of GC1 read this thread. I am disappoint
  6. A lot of new Spurs players added... just to be clear, I've not heard of any of them. Don't waste your money.
  7. COutinho was the best player on the pitch for Bayern against Spurs earlier in the season (well, second). Really needs a move, ironically, to a team like Spurs.
  8. I just want Russia done. Have invested heavily in risers from there!
  9. Lo Celso's younger brother added. Anyone know much about him?
  10. Nathan Ferguson - no one knows yet. Huge potential, but frankly needs a PL move. Think he's out of contract this summer and Spurs were interested. We'll know more in September basically. I like him though, hope he comes to Spurs.
  11. Looks like a range of absolute steals in that Bielefeld squad for competitive worlds... Soukou, Edmundsson...
  12. that league doesn't seem to be reviewed EVER. Hopefully this means a review is incoming.
  13. Anyone know much about this Amos Pieper added today? Strange addition no? 22 years of age and 82 rating.
  14. Spurs have a player called Dennis Cirkin, who is now training with the first 11. I notice he played in an 11 v 11 training game yesterday, and the word is he'll get game time before the end of the season. Worth picking up for 240k or whatever it is, IMO.
  15. Back on Betis: Fekir? Been offered LoCelso for him (plus cash) and Im thinking of taking that.
  16. Vagiannidis of Panathinaikos. I read yesterday he's signed for Inter. What do we know of him? Surely a decent investment.
  17. I suppose Marc Roca is in the similar boat (at least in my squad(s)) Thoughts there too?
  18. Thoughts on Marcos Llorente? Will he rise?
  19. Guys, just taken over Betis in a new GW. I know nothing. Who's worth keeping, who should immediately be sold etc. Any feedback appreciated. Ta.
  20. Agree with this, but to answer the original question, I think the deal is very even sided and the answer would be in what's more required for the team/squad.
  21. Anyone reviewed the MLS at all? I wonder if that's coming up.
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