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  1. Some utterly ridiculous quoting going on in this thread. Have a good look in the mirror boys.
  2. Are the Famalicao players going to get proper rises if they review the Portuguese league? They all seem to have had pitiful +1 rises in recent weeks, but they are all below 75 still. Very odd.
  3. Is there any point in reading into the Brazil league games going on at the minute? I know this isn't top flight but some bizarre regional thing. Is it akin to pre season friendlies?
  4. What a dull series of updates today. I suppose we've been spoilt for a few weeks.
  5. Give it a rest lads. You're two blokes arguing on the internet.
  6. I'm no mod here or anything, but perchance can we quit the "which CB is better" talk or encourage you to move to another thread? Bored of VVD. Ta.
  7. I think you're a little weird and obsessive. Happy to ignore you now.
  8. Quoting random people on twitter is beyond ludicrous. Take Rubbish, take it.
  9. Criminal if Robertson doesn't get at least +1
  10. I presume this is aimed at me? You said he was their first choice right back and he's not. The club captain is.
  11. Any details on the rises for Shefield United players, what are we expecting there? +2 across the board for each starter? +5 for Lundstram?
  12. Oh look, he's not started again and don't believe he has in the last 3 games. Happy to accept your apology when you're ready.
  13. Oh look. He didn't start yesterday. Club captain Cesar did. What a surprise.
  14. That's utterly untrue. Reece James is not Chelsea's first choice right back. Cesar Azpili-whatever is.
  15. THoughts on Familicao and the potential risers there?
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