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  1. i play with progresul bucuresti in one of my league, so why not considering reviewing romanian 3rd division also, there is plenty of time for that.
  2. i guess we are going to find out how rough and hasty was evaluation of koke, chiellini, de gea, busquets, cristiano among the others, in the mid of the season and with all the seasonal targets still on stake, the silliest the highest is rated the player. i also hope that this "taking time" policy on most valuable leagues is due to make a complete review enlightening EURO 2020 performances next summer, contrarily on what was made with last world cup, included in the december review. wait and see.....
  3. well said, couldn't say it better, from the deep of my hearth.....
  4. all true except that rensenbrink was one of those champions that played in netherland with cruijff neskens and krol. also lost two times final of world cup and i still can remember him made gentile becoming crazy trying to hold him in the semifinal. the same guy (gentile) that 4 years later ripped the shirt of that diego well known, making him mad...... one of the best players i ever seen in my long time watching football. R.I.P.
  5. i now con confirm my opinion about those guys doing ratings on something they don't know, have no idea neither clue, never played and possibly watched distracted while playing on PS4, drinking some beer and smoking God knows what. because only a pot head can make something like this, and i don't want to make another list of player misrated like everyone is doing here, i'm just saying that watching statistics doesn't mean you know football, mean only you are a nerd good on math. so i have advice for those smoky pimply nerd heads, i give you an exercise: watch one football match whatever league in the world at least once in a week, i'm not pretending you should go to the stadium, that's too much i know, just turn on your tv, turn off phone and any other device and watch some football guys, because what you are doing has nothing to do with football.
  6. cannot use player exchange in a deal with team coach less....... he just bought one player from a team that had 21 player, among them was also lautaro martinez, which i wished to buy and i couldn't because of the limit. support totally ignored my ticket and i think it's some kind of hacking. anyone ever heard something similar?
  7. someone ever heard that is possible to buy a player from a team that has only 21 players? is happened in my GW, someone bought matip from a team without coach, i send report but no one did care of it and starting then i'm getting a lot of injury in my team. looks like some kind of cracking......
  8. that one should have go straight to buffon, just only on how he flown on the header of that other wizard named zizou in the final 2006......
  9. notoriously, 24 is for kids while 25 is for adults.....) merry christmas everybody!
  10. is it possible to buy a player from a unmanaged team that has only 21 players (plus 3 on loan)? it's happen in my GW and is 1st team i saw in soccer manager......
  11. especially after last night, he scored like he had rockets under his shoes......
  12. all this is really disappointing, they highly underrated cagliari and atalanta, who was able to make it in CL contrarily to ajax. they also didn't rise many of best lazio players, who is only 3 points from the top of the table, like SMS, luis alberto and acerbi. acerbi 89 and de ligt 92??? in what game, handball? it is still a mystery to me what criteria they are using, chiellini -1 that is still out for a knee injury? and why nainngolan -1? bcs of his absurd haircut? i didn't criticize judgement parameter in ligue 1, but now i have to consider that also PSG wasn't reviewed the way they deserved, given the results they get until this part of the season, especially in CL, compared with hyped ajax. is there anyone mentally stable that can consider logic ziyech 92 and higuain or sarabia 91? i really think they have to review urgently eredivisie as long as ajax is still on top, bcs otherwise will be a huge mess having squad cap 92 for a mid-rank eredivisie team eliminated by getafe (!!!) in europa league, which will happen in mid february......
  13. de ligt +1 to 92? 不不不不不不不不不不 this guys are covering themselves of ridicule.
  14. i wonder if any of the SM reviewers enjoy watching some football or if they prefer read statistics only.
  15. i'm talking about last review that involved only few players of ajax in dec. 3 2019, none of the previous reviews, in which only ziyech, tadic, onana and tagliafico had +1. rating increase IMO well deserved, by the way. i'm sure that if said review would have been done AFTER the end of the champions league group, no one would have anything to say. unfortunately, SM reviewers were so unlucky because they couldn't imagine that a wonderful team like ajax would have been defeat by humble valencia in the great showdown at ajax arena just one week later. so my point is, i repeat: why so in a hurry guys? why not also lisandro martinez and quincy promes were reviewed, which had great season too? and why not also grimaldo, lautaro martinez or haland that are crashing the mountains with their teams, which are by the way also leading each of their national tournaments and arrived third in champions league group just like amazing ajax? just tell me, what did they do so special more than the aforementioned players to deserve a special review before all others teams in champions league? thank you for your time and your answer
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