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  1. aouar, marquinhos, sabitzer, some of the players that are very unlucky, because they don't play for ajax or aston villa, otherwise they would already had a rise, well deserved because of their performance and compared with ajax spikes just one year ago, or with magic villa, able to avoid relegation in the very last second after spending 100 millions last summer. there is peoples that is born to make money, because they know how to do and they help each other to make more, and they call themselves "the chosen", just like lebron james. now guess ajax, aston villa and SM property have in common.
  2. i'm probably done with this game. two years is enough time to see nothing been solved.
  3. i'd go for brandt, younger and better rated.
  4. about to call another bluff after "volleyball" deligt and "colander" dejong who is still dreaming muller that rape his cat while laughing on his face. more and more convinced that the reviewers is some yankee assuming that is alike of baseball.
  5. can you also explain how grealish has been more consistent than pasalic, paredes, malinovsky, merino, gagliardini, just to name some 89 fast coming in mind? i start to suspect that SM has an agenda for some player that for some reason at some point become hot. i don't know if they have any interest on that but start to smell fishy all this hypes over unknown guys and is starting making me angry to be part of it.
  6. my pleasure dear socca always happy. i'm confused because not a clue on what's next based on the updates from swiki, i guess there is nothing you can clarify more..... i'm not that happy like you with these reviews, best wishes anyway.
  7. not raising alaba is pure ignorance. these kids may be good on a PC but are pretty much confused about football (or maybe they think it's soccer, which would make totally sense about their skills). waiting to see what will be with sabitzer; having ziyech, ilicic and luis alberto 92 and not him would just add another scary chapter in the horror gallery of the game.
  8. sorry if i may look conceited, but i wish to repost my prediction about those three guys made back almost 3 months ago. with this i wish to underline that club achievement DO matter in this game, consequently expect some major update at the end of champions league.
  9. congratulazioni per la promozione cugino
  10. kudos to doctor Marcus Rashford of University of Manchester. for who may concern, this is a +10 for me.
  11. it's the achievement that made it, not unusual for SM, especially for top level teams who make for CL. ginter deserved last year also but didn't made it because missed qualify to CL just against leverkusen. i tell you more: i would not be surprise to see courtois and most of all sergio ramos getting a rise. zamora price for the GK, record of goals for a defender made by ramos, which is something that van dijk is never gonna make.....:)
  12. reece james, dendoncker, merino, malinovski the very first names in my mind right now.
  13. how about this? arguably two out of the three best players in the last 15 years mocking each other. i guess also that ibra is the only player in the world who can afford to bully CR7 on the pitch.......
  14. letting go lautaro 12m of course, guess he was 86-87 maybe? it mean even the best sometimes can be blinkard, i feel less stupid now for all my mistakes....
  15. i see partey and klostermann rising in the next 3 months.
  16. in fact, database is totally AMAZING, there is a lot of work over there. but what is football without tactic? italy won world cup 4 times (plus 2 lost finals) without having at all very good players, just because of tactic. liverpool won CL last year because of tactic (klopp's gegenpressing), and specifically against bayern and barca, which undisputedly had better players. tactic (the lack of it) is the elephant in the room of this game, in real football a bunch of good players become the best team under a skilled coach, chelsea with conte, guardiola with city, foxes under ranieri, etc. an ama
  17. i'll tell you what, they are actually the better fit team in europe, not even bayern after 11 match run so fast and effectively. so that friend of mine asked me, how you think they do? they have been doing training while in bergamo there was a total lockdown and thousands of infected? or it's something else?
  18. allow me to disagree. these guys are posting a problem that is real, which is how to improve their skills as coach, given that many of the functions in this branch are unknown even to the most aged players. sometimes also me i feel that results, ranking and awards are totally random, and not based on merit on how you deploy the team or the instructions you give to the players. i think designers should definitely consider an improvement on this side, otherwise is just an amazing database where players are considered likewise stocks on the market.
  19. definitely a big limit of this game, along with the real time control during the match. i guess designers have to chose what to do with their game in the future, if coach or team manager game, and act consequently.
  20. yeah..... maybe they run too much to be real? just asking for a friend.
  21. was once winston churchill the one who said "italians plays football like they're doing war and war like they are doing football". with this i can say maybe not only italians......
  22. and so this morning i woke up thinking how to make mad my fellows forumers, and suddenly i noticed that today is 34th anniversary of "la mano de dios", one of the most emblematic episode in the history of this sport, which clearly is not only sport, and also the celebration of the best gol ever scored. i'm really curious to see some comment, particularly from the english side of the fence, to better understand what this sport-not only sport triggers in the human soul. are you guys still mad about that?
  23. smashing what, that it's finished 5-2??? i'm not even supporter of as roma, in fact i really don't like supporters of roma because of their political orientation and bad behavior and yet i'm here talking about their team. i'm just saying that if there was VAR in liverpool roma 2 of the 5 goals would not be validated because of off side. and about return in roma, aside from the foul committed by van dijk on the first goal (wijnaldum) there was trent who played handball in the box to stop a shot on gol. anyone who doesn't trust my words can see with his own eyes. now i please ask you don't make
  24. yeah that's football and in football you really need a valid back up also in GK, especially if you want to win CL. it's also easy for me to say that if in 2018 there were some referees not affected by selective blindness instead of brych and skomina, probably there would have been AS roma in the final and not liverpool. and i won't say this is football, because it ain't.
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