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  1. I am very experient in the game but this is too much, this gameplay is kind of hilarious I don’t understand how a player like Matthijs de ligt is super agressive (that is not in reality), is expelled tons of games and one in a smfa final from early minutes, this gameplay has 0 logic, it’s sad to lose a smfa final because of this Bs nonsense against a team with way less my rate overall, this is going bad to worse this gameplay. goodluck everybody
  2. Hi there, I am here because game play engine sucks a lot, my proof is my last game in SMFA final, that is impossible!!! only possible in this game, I say it’s impossible a team with average 86/87 beat a team having an average 92/93 with great players talking only in raw potential, something must improve in this gameplay so weak!!! It’s insane only possible here in this gameplay. It’s ridiculous in the minimum to say... Also ridiculous in the season guys that don’t give instructions being random and win me against this team (awful rates from my players), this gameplay is a joke, a pure bad joke for sure. Bernardo silva made me in average 6.90, this season, harry Kane 7.40, dijk one of the best not even 8, and so on so on, very irrealist, very...
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