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  1. I'd get rid of Cancelo, Koulibaly and Militao
  2. He's a great player, but I don't think he deserves it right now. 25% chance for me
  3. I think both will rise to 93 (TAA+2 and Robertson +1) Skriniar is having a better season than De Ligt, basically beacuse De Ligt is performing poorly so far. I'd keep KDB, but it's a hard choice (luckily they're all part of my team so I don't have to choose) Tough one, I think it's a 50-50 Son: No Firmino: He could Rodri: Possibly (65%) Mané: 50-50 for me
  4. Aguero will stay at 95. Modric HAS to drop at least to 94, even though I wouldn't be surprised with a -2 since he already deserved a drop in the summer and he's not a starter anymore in Real Madrid. Anyway, if you have him in your team, you need to get rid of him as soon as possible.
  5. De Jong 93 was a typo, I meant 92, which is pretty much locked in my opinion. Joe Gomez isn't playing that much (even if he has collected 19 caps so far), but giving how good Liverpool is doing I think he may have a shot at 90. TAA: there have already been cases of 90/91/92 players who got a +2 (for example Van Dijk), so I think a 93 for him is not an option to discard, since he's by far the best in his role and Liverpool just keeps winning in all competitions. (Also, Van Dijk was at 91 in January2019 and now he's at 95).
  6. Lozano isn't playing consistently and when he plays, he plays bad Ndombelé: staying at 91, he missed a lot of games plus Tottenham season has been pretty bad until today Partey: may rise to 92, but I think is 70% stay - 30% rise Alli: staying at 92, he's playing better since Mou arrived but not well enough to get a rise (Tottenham season will affect him too) Barella: I think he deserved a rise to 91, but he's gonna get it for sure in the summer if he keeps playing well and Inter keeps winning Brozovic: good choice, he just rose to 92 and he's one of the most important players of the team Oyarzabal: I honestly don't know
  7. Lautaro no doubt. Joe Gomez 90 Alexander-Arnold I think he may have a shot to 93 De Jong 93
  8. Any chance of a +2 for Alexander-Arnold? A +1 rise to 92 seems pretty low with the quality and the consistency of his performances during the last two seasons
  9. Honestly, I don't understand why Carvajal should rise to 93. He's been at 92 since 2017, when his team was dominating in CL. Real Madrid also won the CL in 2018 but still he stayed at 92. RM is not even doing particularly good this season so far, so I think that a rise in the summer depending on the second half of the season (and Euro2020) would be more appropriate.
  10. Pavard not getting a rise to 91 and Kimmich rising to 94. I would call this embarrassing. No question Kimmich is far better than Pavard at the moment so I'm not comparing them. However, Pavard is in France starting 11 since a year and a half (including when they won the World Cup last year), so he deserved at least a rise to 91. I think he and De Vrij are among the ones who have been robbed the most with these updates.
  11. De Jong of course I think that neither Saul nor Mendy will get a +1. As someone said before, Atletico is not having a good enough season. Mendy simply is not playing good enough and he's playing only due to Marcelo being injured.
  12. I think Sancho is way better than Havertz, so since Havertz is at 91 Sancho should get a +2 to 92, but I don't think this is going to happen right now
  13. Right now I'd keep KDB, but I'd swap any other midfielder to get FDJ Laporte
  14. Are they serious with De Vrij still at 91?? He's been the best Serie A defender since a year and a half. This season he's been one of the top defenders in Europe, by far the best in Italy. It's unbelievable! Who the hell is supposed to update player values? A monkey?
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