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  1. Mario Gomez. Giorgio Chiellini. Thiago Silva. Demba ba. (i seen hes in for a +2 = 90???) Lass Diarra. Shinji Kagawa. Mario Gotze. Javier Masherano. Gonzalo Higuian. Vincet Kompany. Javi Martinez. Pjanic. Yoann Gourcuff. Matts Hummels. Simon Kjear. Neven Subotic. Thanks:)
  2. anyone no of any young 18-24 year old midfielders that will rise to 89+?
  3. who will rise and drop? LLORIS, Hugo Gk FORSTER, Fraser Gk UNNERSTALL, Lars Gk ENRIQUE, José LB UCHIDA, Atsuto RB/RM SUBOTIC, Neven CB LUIZ, David CB/LB SANTANA, Felipe CB ISLA, Mauricio RM/RB TYMOSCHUK, Anatoliy DM/CB SONG, Alex DM/CB NOCERINO, Antonio DM/CM KHEDIRA, Sami CM/DM VIDAL, Arturo CM/Def LUCAS, Leiva CM/DM MILNER, James CM/Wing NASRI, Samir AM/Wing MULLER, Thomas AM/Wing LEITNER, Moritz AM/Wing MATA, Juan Manuel Wing/AM VUCINIC, Mirko Fwd/Wing SEFEROVIC, Haris Fwd/AM DZEKO, Edin CF MATRI, Alessandro CF
  4. Hi can anyone suggest any 89-90 players in all posistions that will definatly rise?? much appreciated
  5. Re: 90/91 + risers. yeah thanks, any that will go 93+ ?
  6. Hi, im looking for a 90/91 rated CB who will definately rise withing the next rating changes.. Thanks
  7. Re: Young Rising Defender. Thanks guys, is there any other ones anyone nos? and is Toloi a definate rise?
  8. Hi does anyone no a young defender at 84+ that will rise to 87+ in any of the rating changes? with 8mill been the budget, thanks.
  9. can anyone tell me any money spinners and young talent in the next rating changes? thanks
  10. Re: Radamel Falcao. Nice one, will he go to 91 possibly? Do u no of any young risers, from 84+??
  11. Will he rise?? If so how much?? Thanks.
  12. Kenan Kodro, 14, Plays for Real Sociedad B. When will he be added to the db??
  13. Re: Money Spinners and Young Risers. Thanks Guys.
  14. Re: Money Spinners and Young Risers. Thanks for your help. Anymore people?
  15. Hi, I am looking for some young risers and money spinners which will rise in the next rating changes, (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc..). Can anyone help me please? Many Thanks
  16. can anyone tell me any current top youngsters that will rise for the future please?
  17. Can anyone help me please, I have just took over a Port Vale team with 40mill in Division 4. I want to make it a very young starting line up and would like some help in current top youngsters and possible riser for the future, players within the age of 22 please THANKS!
  18. Tim Cahill has been excellent in recent games and throughout the season. Will he be goin up in the next rating changes?? Wat do u think let me no please
  19. Re: wozza's Graphics Gallery can u make me a sig with any style u want n the brazilan twins plz Rafael on the right n Fabio on the left n my Manchester Untied written aswell and my name written aswell Craig Coates Thanks oh with there names written aswell plz
  20. Re: Juan Román RIQUELME transfer No, i got him for 12mill n 23mill is just too much for his age tbh
  21. is there any good english champs' with good teams avaliable if so write em down on here
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