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  1. Sorry bro but I cannot understand the thing written on the screen. Translate it into English and then send the screenshot. I'll try to help.
  2. Yes the 82 rating is very less for a play like him i think 85 would perfectly justify his rating + I think riqui puig too deserves a higher rating. Riqui should be atleast 85.
  3. I hope that we all have seen Bruno Fernandes play and he is the best player in the whole Man Utd sqaud and have lifted them up in a great way. I think that he deserves an upvote and a rating of 93. I hope that SM admins take care of this. Thank you.
  4. Nick056

    Best lineup

    What about this lineup
  5. Many good clubs such as Inter Milan, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Man City, etc are available. It's a world Championship. Game World ID:- 427081
  6. Nick056

    Best lineup

    This is my best lineup
  7. Game World ID :- 428005 Many good clubs available. It's World Championship.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion mate, but is there any formation that can guarantee win?
  9. I just lost by 1-3 by using the above tactics
  10. It's a request, can someone please tell.
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