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  1. Curtis Jones + Harvey Elliot or dominik szoboszlai
  2. There is a unmanaged team in my league, I've put a bid in, however the club has now been offered out to a manager who hasn't been online in 5 years, will my bid get accepted?
  3. Vdb or f Mendy + either Liam morrison or Barry hepburn
  4. Lautaro Martinez or 20m Bernardo Silva and one of the following Branthwaite Musiala Fabio Silva Aouchiche Adeyemi Lamptey Eric Garcia Reyna
  5. Pau torres + Ronaldo camara or Johnathon david
  6. Been offered Tyler Adams + Ronaldo camara now for him, is that better?
  7. Benrahma + Ronaldo camara or Johnathon David?
  8. Wirtz Fabio Silva Stevanovic Reyna Beyaz Eric Garcia I have many high rated players and it's causing João felix to get concerns so think I'm going to sell him, which are the best 2 from this list
  9. I have Felix and been offered any 2 of these players for him F Torres Stevanovic Reyna F silva Aouichiche Adli Dest Eric Garcia
  10. Alaba or laporte + Jude Bellingham Alaba is my first team left back but laporte can play there and umtiti, Has Alphonso davies who will take over
  11. I have van de beek but need to sell him due to many players on concerns Been offered any 2 from these players and cash, game world is long term been in it over 10 years already Xavi Simons psg P Moreno juve Traore ajax + Cash
  12. Been offered eze + de la fuente + 5mil for my Dean Henderson?
  13. I have 3 reserve goalkeepers, which is best to sell? Unai Simon Nubel D henderson
  14. Kabak + Harvey Elliot + 20m or upamecano?
  15. Thank you, cash isn't really a issue for me as I've had the team for around 10 years and have 500m with them
  16. Thanks, the rest of his squad is average old players. Talking to another manager who has these players Adil aouchiche Xavi Simon's Reyna Agoume T - kouassi Saka Which 2 from them if I can get them?
  17. Sorry to bug on this but manager wants deal done asap for his next game, Brandon Williams is also a no
  18. I have lenglet but he is about to tick over to a level 5 concern I believe Another manager have offered any 2 of these players plus cash besides greenwood I'm thinking badiashille for one
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