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  1. Why so aggressive and angry? "This Guy" is respected on here and you straight out attacked, all because an opinion differed to yours! Wind your neck in and play nice!
  2. "Liverpool in “last-ditch push” for Ghana teenager ahead of Bayer Leverkusen" https://www.thisisanfield.com/2021/05/liverpool-in-last-ditch-push-for-ghana-teenager-ahead-of-bayer-leverkusen/?utm_source=webpush
  3. All political parties were prepared to step in so they should force the owners of the 6 to sell their stake for half price to the NHS to help pay for the pandemic. Saves punishing the players and staff who had bugger all to do with any of it! Well, we can all dream!!!
  4. Looking at long term, but need to lose 2/3. Rate best down. Thanks guys. T.SMALL K.GORDON J.BAPTISTE A.DEVINE M.PITALUGA K.BAAH C.KAYKY S.TAVARES N.ÜNÜVAR F.BALOGUN L.PITON E.WAHI H.SIQUET
  5. Been happening every cup game for over 2 years in 2 GW's and not a single draw - very annoying bug!
  6. Ideas on Matteo Lovato's prospects short and long term. Thanks
  7. Even more confused now! Lol! Kieran v Soccahappy? 😕🤪
  8. Can buy one - Vinicius Tobias or Sidnei Tavares?
  9. Jesse Bosch (Twente) got his +6 to 76 beginning of Feb - worth keeping in short to medium term?
  10. Need to thin out my squad to raise funds. Which of these are MUST keeps, WORTH keeps or not likely to rise any time soon. Thanks.
  11. Centre mid, 78 or under, with top potential long term?
  12. Who's worth keeping/selling of these recent young risers. Looking at long term potential.
  13. Need to lose one, maybe 2 of these: Konrad de la Fuente Dirk Proper Jacob Ramsey best to keep (in order) for long term gain?
  14. Most have had recent rises, but any with good potential worth buying?
  15. Any Right backs 78 or below with either quick rise or long term?
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