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  1. Re: Official Newcastle United Thread Looks like Newcastle are playing themselves out of the PL. That would be really a shame. However, if they can get their act together, their schedule for the rest of the season is very forgiving, against three teams that have virtually nothing to play for (seen that QPR is relegated by when you play them), one team without attack and two without defences. So, it is still really all up to Newcastle themselves. Any news from the ground, who would be playing for Newcastle against WBA? I think this is a match that is extremely winnable and could sparkle the final sprint that Newcastle needs to start exactly now. I think that the recently signed foreign players in particular should be playing their best for the fear of playing in Championship next season. Edit: That said, Carver seems completely inapt to make that change. They should make an emergency change of manager now.
  2. Re: Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread It's okay when they do that against Arsenal, but when they deploy defensive counter-attack tactics against the likes of Toulouse who are valiantly playing attacking football despite their lack of resources, that is pretty shameful from the second richest club in France.
  3. Re: Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread Monaco plays such a dire brand of football. I so hope they won't make CL for next season.
  4. Re: Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread Another couple of remarkable GK performances: PSG 7 shots on target 6 goals. LOSC 1 shot on target one goal. Not to blame it all on GK's, but they should be able to stop something. Talking about GK's (although unrelated to this match), PSG really must make Lloris their priority next summer. The guy is probably on move if a club with consistent CL football comes in, and PSG can provide CL knock out rounds each year, and dropped the PL best this year. PSG has a very complete, strong all-round squad, but needs to upgrade the GK: Their defence lacks depth since Sakho and Alex left, but it still can support very attacking football while allowing very few scoring chances to opponent. Sirigu, to my mind, has for years been their weak link.* He has improved in coming out of his net and controlling the box, but he still is quite weak in it relative to how high defence line Blanc wants to play, and that can cost them. Lloris would do that perfectly, and is a better shot-stopper too, plus a leader as the French NT captain, and an example professional (some PSG players have been blamed for a lack of professionalism). In addition, he is also a French star player which is something that PSG needs to improve their image in France. Finally, Sirigu is easily sellable player, being a young Italy international. I could imagine Juventus to want him to replace Buffon, and other takers would be fun quite easily.
  5. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Being very knowledgeable in pathetic unintellectual subjects is sad.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Sure, Arsenal should have done better, but were they lucky: Shots inside the box: ARS 16 - 6 REA Shots inside 6 yards box: ARS 2 - 0 REA Shots inside penalty box on target: ARS 8 - 1 REA Shots inside penalty box to woodworks: ARS 2 - 0 REA To be accurate, Shots inside 6 yards box to woodworks: ARS 2 - 0 REA No, Arsenal were not lucky. They struggled to score, but let's not exaggerate the case. Reading was extremely lucky.
  7. Re: Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread Actually signed in just to say that what a great shot by Matuidi, and with his weaker foot too. But before that, APG should have been sanctioned for that challenge to Luiz, kicking him in the back of the thigh.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wenger out! Benitez in! After tonight, Napoli no longer holds any European league position in Serie A, CL now a distant dream of a future when Benitez has left. Just like at Valencia, where he got the twice in a row CL finalists demoted to UEFA Cup, at Napoli he took over a team that was competing CL playoffs and demoted it to EL and now perhaps even out of it. Oh, how much Arsenal fans must envy Napoli for that "tactical genius". Well, they have several other big matches coming, against Fiorentina, Lazio and Sampdoria, all of them at home, so even if CL is beyond his capacities sure Benitez should be able to win these matches and secure a place in the EL, which anyway seems to be the competition that matches the level of the Serie A clubs these days.
  9. Re: Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread Poor squad? That squad is not poor by any standard. It was one of the title favourites last season, and has hardly come any worse (losing Valbuena hurt of course, but it allowed to revitalise Payet in the middle and in form he is as good). It was only due to seriously sub-standard management that they did so poorly last season. It should not have surprised anybody that any even just decent would get that squad to title fight (didn't surprise me at least, I bet on OM winning the league this season already last summer).
  10. Re: Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread Lopes is having a field day, and Lyon putting up a fine performance, but Turpin is doing his best to get the points to PSG. That was never a penalty, and already earlier he completely missed Cavani's obvious offside. And let me add that Lyon had at least two better calls for a penalty, and Turpin had none of it. Searching this thread should tell anybody that I actually like Turpin and think he has had a few very good performances in big matches, but this was appalling.
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