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  1. Re: Spl and Divison 1 and 2 ratings thread 2010

    I agree. Boruc is rated 2pts above McGregor at the minute but McGregor has been his equal in the SPL for over a season now and it pains me to say that.

    The previous poster that I mentioned had him as staying at an 88 but Lafferty to increase. I wonder how much real SPL football these people actually watch...

    Can only agree. The re-ratings posted in this thread are appalling. Normally you come on here and find some gems that you can pick up to make some cash, this thread is started by someone who has listed a lot of players and stuck some numbers beside them. How on earth did he get 4 rep points?

  2. Re: Spl and Divison 1 ratings thread 2009/2010

    i meant to say i am more experinced i have been ot the forum longer and no more about sm and aberdeen ;)

    Well actually, no you haven't, I've been on the forum twice as long as you. And if you think Meldrum is a player, you certainly know bugger all about the Dons.

    p.s. Scotland (in your location) only has one 't'

    pps. it's 'know' not 'no'

  3. Re: Spl and Divison 1 ratings thread 2009/2010

    i have already said i will change them when i fell necassary and i said i was stoping for just now if you read the thread:mad:

    But you've already made loads of changes, when the players have just been re-rated, so there is nothing to base future changes on - Mr 'do you know anthing about what the ratings are based on beacause i do':rolleyes:

  4. Re: Spl and Divison 1 ratings thread 2009/2010

    and i am only doing on just now games i will change if i fell necasary later in the season and the change is over the season not a couple of games do you know anthing about what the ratings are based on beacause i do

    Well if that's the case, why as has already been stated, are you posting re-ratings of players who have just been re-rated? You have nothing to re-rate them on, so perhaps your statement in bold is twaddle?

  5. Re: Spl and Divison 1 ratings thread 2009/2010


    MELDRUM' date=' Colin 75 ...>75[/color']

    IFIL, Jerel 80 ...>81/82

    YOUNG, Derek 82 ...>82

    FYVIE, Fraser 77...> 77

    ALUKO, Sone 84 ...>84

    PAWLETT, Peter 77 ...>80/81

    MACKIE, Darren 83 ...> 82

    MILLER, Lee 85 ...>84/85

    PATON, Michael 77 ...> 80(postion change to wing)

    Tommy wright 77 ... > 76

    Disagree with all of these.

    Meldrum isn't even a player but a coach, he should be down to about 70.

    Ifil is 1st choice CB and will rise to 83/84 where he should have gone to this time

    Young is no longer in first team plans except with a huge injury list, should drop below 80, but realistically will only be to 80

    Fyvie is a first choice midfielder now (exepting his recent injury layoff) and will go over 80, probably 83. Paton & Pawlett are the same.

    Aluko has fallen out of favour, and should drop to 82

    Mackie also out of favour, and should drop to 81

    Why would Lee Miller possibly drop? Not sure on the logic there?

    Wright could possibly drop more.

  6. stfc_2006_players_10_470x353_353x470.jpg

    Age: 27 years old

    Position: Centre Back/Right Back (CB/RB)

    Rating: 76

    Rating Change: 2 (Date: 17-1-2008)

    SM Value: £634,000

    Jerel Ifil just transferred from Swindon to Aberdeen yesterday, he has been signed to be an immediatte first team starter, regulard Dons starters are rated 84/85, he will (barring injury) be rated the same at the next Scottish review

  7. Re: Premier League 09/10 [Fantasy Football]

    Inter Mi-Nan & the UKFSC Squad' date=' Did Not Join The 2nd Private League.. You Don't Have To Do This But It Would Be No Harm To Do So...

    The 2nd Private League Works off a Head To Gead Basis, Each Week You Will Be Paired With Another Manager, The Person With The Most Points Will Receieve 3 Points, Then After 38 Matches The Person With The Most Points Will Be Champion.[/quote']

    In for both as Aberdeen Wanderers.

    Any chance you could add H2H to the second league name so it's easy to see which is which?

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