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  1. Between Angel Correa and Gabriel Jesus who do you guys think has more chances of getting a rating upgrade in the summer?
  2. Same, cant really understand how he didnt get the +1 to 91.
  3. I agree that Juventus arent doing great in Serie A, but Morata has 10 goals and 7 assists in 17 Serie A/Champions League games. Those are some great numbers so far
  4. Yes I believe the rules will change in the first day of the new season
  5. Is it possible for a player 2 lose value 2 months in a row? Losing 12M in value in 30 days seems like a lot
  6. Right now who would you guys pick between Sergi Roberto, Héctor Bellerín and Aaron Wan-Bissaka as a starting RB? I have Sergi but am thinking of replacing him with either Bellerín or AWB because they are youger and both are starters for their teams, with a chance to rise in the future. And I honestly dont think Sergi will rise above his current rating of 91, especially now with Dest.
  7. Dominic Calvert-Lewin is on fire right now, scoring 5 goals in 3 league matches. Who would you guys pick between him and Osimhen?
  8. Right now Benfica has 2 options on wich team will be the best. Either to play Ndidi as CB with Fati or Greenwood behind Depay, or play Kamara as CB, Ndidi as defensive mid and play Havertz further up the field. Things may still change as the team is still in the market for more players, but right now this is our strongest team to begin this second season.
  9. I think Kierans had already mentioned that. But I agree he deserved a +1 or even a +2. But I feel like they forgot so many players who deserved rises, almost every team had players who didnt get a rise and deserved it in my opinion.
  10. Is the Leicester review already over? No rises for Maddison or Tielemans?!
  11. Yeah I agree, cant really understand why they gave a +1 to Lewis when Norwich were relegated and Targett stayed at 85.
  12. Since they gave Luiz Felipe a +2 to 89 do you guys think Bastoni has a chance to get a +4 also to 89?
  13. Between Cornet, Jota and Ward-Prowse who would you choose based on potencial to rise in the future?
  14. Thanks again Socca. Just have to see if the move to Tottenham will help him get his +1, wich I think he deserves
  15. Thanks Socca, keep up the great reviews 👌
  16. Will you do Hojbjerg with Tottenham or you didn`t predict a rise for him?
  17. I would wait a few more weeks if you can and see how he plays in the Champions League. If Bayern win and he plays well he has a decent chance to rise
  18. Pretty sure the deal will collapse due to the lack of funds
  19. Lodi for me. Younger and already in a top team. The only advantage for Guerreiro is the many positions he can play in
  20. Thanks! I will go for Locatelli first because Serie A seems like the next league to be reviewed. I will try to get money to get either Ward-Prowse or Berge when they get to the Premier League, because I mainly need defensive mids.
  21. Hey everyone, hope you are all well. I´m having a dilemma in choosing a player to buy, and who has the best chance to rise in the next reviews. The players I am considering are: Nikola Vlasic Nicolás Domínguez Manuel Locatelli Sander Berge Amadou Diawara James Ward-Prowse All of them are in leagues still to be reviewed (mainly Serie A, Premier League and Russian Premier League)
  22. Maupay is already at 86. Do you think he can get 87?
  23. Who would you choose from these? Kounde (Sevilha) or Hermoso (Atl. Madrid) or Ake (Bournemouth) ? Martial (Man. United) or Richarlison (Everton) or Correa (Lazio) or Morata (Atl. Madrid) ?
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