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  1. You have gone back incredibly far to see this post 😄
  2. Very true, I was also looking at Sebastien Szymanski from Dinamo Moscow as well as Enock Mwepu for Red Bull Salzburg. Both could have a good chance to rise well I reckon. Once they rise I will probably sell on for profit and buy better players anyway
  3. I have bought Karpov, Diveev, Daka and Szoboszlai from the Austrian and Russian leagues. I was thinking of buying Mykolenko and Matviyenko from the Ukrainian league. In the leagues to be reviewed am I missing any other good players that could be in for a nice rise? Oblyakov is one I am tempted by.
  4. Anyone feel like SM forgot about jonjoe Kenny? Played the whole season at RB for Schalke. I know they didn’t do well but I expected a rise
  5. Anyone know what the next league to review is? Got to be Russian or Ukranian soon surely?
  6. Do we think Patrick Schick will actually play at Roma next season? Tempted to buy him but if he doesn't play next season it is pointless.
  7. Igor Diveev and Vadim Karpov, Evgeni Chernov Yoris Letard Mathias Normann Victor Ruiz (St Gallen) Lukas Gortler Casseres Jr Jesus Ferreira Muheim Masaya Okugawa not cheap for 80 rated GK but Safonov at Krasnodar should rise nicely too search all these
  8. I have a lot of Italian players in my team so looking forward to seeing Boga rise to 99.... also do we think Pasalic will keep his FC position?
  9. Foden got a chance to go to 87 from 85? Is expensive for 10m but probably worth it for the future
  10. Do we know if it'll be the premier league or Serie A next yet?
  11. Yeah I always wonder why some leagues are done quickly and others take about a month
  12. Will we be getting Italian predictions soon? I feel like they could have a fair few decent rises amongst some teams
  13. How about Ben White then? +2/3 rise?
  14. Pau Torres or Merih Demirel? Also Ricardo Orsolini +1?
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