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  1. Do we think Patrick Schick will actually play at Roma next season? Tempted to buy him but if he doesn't play next season it is pointless.
  2. Igor Diveev and Vadim Karpov, Evgeni Chernov Yoris Letard Mathias Normann Victor Ruiz (St Gallen) Lukas Gortler Casseres Jr Jesus Ferreira Muheim Masaya Okugawa not cheap for 80 rated GK but Safonov at Krasnodar should rise nicely too search all these
  3. I have a lot of Italian players in my team so looking forward to seeing Boga rise to 99.... also do we think Pasalic will keep his FC position?
  4. Foden got a chance to go to 87 from 85? Is expensive for 10m but probably worth it for the future
  5. Do we know if it'll be the premier league or Serie A next yet?
  6. Yeah I always wonder why some leagues are done quickly and others take about a month
  7. Will we be getting Italian predictions soon? I feel like they could have a fair few decent rises amongst some teams
  8. How about Ben White then? +2/3 rise?
  9. Pau Torres or Merih Demirel? Also Ricardo Orsolini +1?
  10. So I have sold a lot of players and I am only a division 3 club but buying for 3m and selling for 6m etc has given me some decent funds. I will be selling players like Santos Borre, Zaracho, Raphinha as I feel like getting around 20m for these 3 is decent and cannot see them rising much more. I feel like my team is now in position to have players to last for the future but just want a couple of opinions. Roman Saiss or John Egan? Feel like maybe a plus 2 if they're feeling generous. From Serie A - Musa Barrow, Orsolini, Gosens and Pasalic good buys for the future? Maybe thinking Malinovskyi over Pasalic but Pasalic has played more. Premier League - Nick Pope, Kalvin Phillips, Adama Traore, Jarod Bowen and Eddie Nketiah for good future players? Just not sure if Nketiah will play that much next year. Another one I am thinking of getting is Soucek. 3m seems good value.
  11. Fair enough, Nick Pope still seems fairly cheap for a keeper who might move to a bigger club. Also what are people's opinions on Musa Barrow? Had a good second half to the season for Bologna
  12. Any keepers other than Unai Simon likely to go from 86 to 88?
  13. I reckon Saka +4, Willock and Martinelli +3
  14. When the Prem gets updated is there a chance for Leeds to get updated too? Hoping Kalvin Phillips might get a rise. Also Tomas Soucek seems decent value at 3m. Playing well currently
  15. From looking at the PL what do we think of the following players. John Egan from 86 to 88? Played very well and probably the main CB for the club Danny Ings 89 to 90? Adama Traore 88 to 90? More likely 89 though I think Jarrod Bowen 85 - 87? Seems to be finishing the season strongly
  16. Best 88 rated players that may have a chance to go to 90? Valverde is too expensive for me but I feel like Gosens and Traore have a chance?
  17. Any players we think could go from 86-88? one player I think could have a chance is Roman Saiss. He’s pretty much played all season for Wolves who’ve done well
  18. I am guessing if Spain is next then surely England and Italy will follow? Seems they’ve done this German review pretty quickly also Marcos Llorente +2 possibly?
  19. Are we aware of what league is going to be reviewed next?
  20. Will Jonjoe Kenny go up when they review the English league? Also Eddie Nketiah has a decent chance for a decent rise do we think?
  21. Was hoping Ruben Vargas was going to get a +2 but ah well
  22. What are peoples thoughts on Michael Obafemi? Personally I don't think he looks great but he is young and seems to be playing regularly a bit now so I reckon he could go up +4
  23. Got 2m to spend, who is the best young player likely to rise well within that budget?
  24. So if it is possibly to be Brazil next do they have any decent players in the league? All I can think of that is worth buying is Yefferson Solteldo
  25. Someone definitely supports River at SM!
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