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  1. Seems like they are just doing a few players from each team for the French review?
  2. Mine is English Championship 35429
  3. I have been losing to unmanaged teams though using my last formation so will see how this goes for the next few weeks.
  4. The 4-3-2-1 worked pretty well tbh!
  5. Think I'll just go for Mason Holgate instead. Thanks
  6. Does anyone think any of these Sheffield United players could get a +2 if the season resumes and they continue to do well? Maybe the defenders that regularly play?
  7. Yeah you are probably right, maybe Matt Doherty at Wolves then?
  8. If they are to do the French league who is a better buy out of Radonjic of Marseille or Raphina of Rennes? Both 4m and 86 rated. Faitout Mouassa is tempting too but maybe a bit expensive
  9. Shapi Suleymanov is 82 and could rise about 3. Goncalo Pacienca for 3m and 86 rated is decent value too Maybe Sehrou Guirassy now too as he's likely to leave for a bigger club https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2020/amiens-president-joannin-confirms-summer-departure-of-serhou-guirassy/
  10. A nice rise for Diatta and De Ketelaere for my team this morning. Thank you for all your predictions as they helped massively with a fair few decent risers in total. Just wish I picked up Anderson Niangbo too! Now for the mystery of what league next.
  11. Is Christopher Lenz worth buying at Union Berlin? Seems to be having a half decent season.
  12. With the Champions League, hasn't all sport been cancelled until September in France meaning PSG would have to play all games away? Just seems like a lot of logistical problems to finish it, probably have to do like a mini tournament in one place possibly but even then you have a lot of teams travelling to one specific location and they all have large amounts of staff and that. As a Liverpool fan I am happy for them to void it and we remain champions anyway....
  13. I have had good rises for Buta, Bodart and Owusu the last few days. Fingers crossed for a Diatta +3 tomorrow then I am happy with all my Belgian purchases. Only other one I was hoping would go a little bit higher was Ito at Genk considering he played the whole season so thought he deserved 86. Then let's hope it is onto Russia as I have a few players from there as well.
  14. Well I am currently in division 5 so gaining profit is quite important for me to build a good squad. I have Gakpo and Sinisterra who could bring around 8m in value to me so I guess I could sell them instead and keep Owusu. I guess I could always buy these back next year when the review is due again, I may buy Vandevoort then if he has a good season as his value only went up to 700k so could be good value if he plays a lot next season.
  15. Nice to see Elisha Owusu rise this morning as I have in in one of my teams but is it now maybe a good time to sell? I am guessing he won't be reviewed for a while so I could just buy someone like Zaracho now for 3m instead who is likely to go up much sooner?
  16. Ferran Torres looks a real good player whenever I have seen him. Maybe 92 potential? Do people think Andreas Pereira could go up 2 to 88 at all?
  17. Is Axel Disasi likely to go to 85 with the season having finished early?
  18. So any idea what league will be reviewed next? I am hoping for Russia but then need to chose between signing Barinov or Oblyakov
  19. If anyone can help me here it would be much appreciated
  20. So last year I played the 4-2-3-1B and came 6th with an average enough squad compared to the league. I have now improved my team and it has got worse for me. I changed to a 3-1-3-3 formation today and lost 3-0 to Hertha Berlin who aren't even good. I should be the stronger team in most games but it is not showing. Here are my squad and current results so what is a good tactic to try with a strong team? Most of these teams are unmanaged so I should be beating them!
  21. Are there any young players around 100k that are likely to rise well like Terem Moffi did?
  22. So if Russia seems to be one of the next leagues to be reviewed who seems to stand out as the best buys? Looks like Barinov and Shapi Suleymanov to me.
  23. Any idea when the Argentinian league is reviewed? Tempted to buy Zaracho and Santos Borre. Overall I am looking at a selection of players to sign but can only sign a couple. Players are Ruben Vargas, Matias Zaracho, Goncalo Pacienca, Yefferson Soteldo and Santos Borre. All 85/86 and around 3m so who are the best valued players out of these and are all likely to rise?
  24. I find it strange how Moffi who’s played 7 games can go up 20 then players who have played most of the season only go up 2 to 80. Considering it’s another year till they get reviewed it seems a bit unfair
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