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  1. Junya Ito, Bodart, Owusu, Dewaele, Vandevoort, Buta, De Ketelaere and Diatta
  2. I am just hoping they aren't as stingy at the top of the table as I have quite a few players from Brugge, Liege, Genk and Gent in my team!
  3. Seems harsh no rise for De Bruyn in STVV too? I bought Sankhon for backup so would have liked a bit more of a rise but ah well. Just hope they aren't as stingy when it gets to the top of the league
  4. What are people's thoughts on Ruben Vargas? Has he done enough to justify a rating increase next review? Also are there any players rated 87 that could go to 89? Only one I can think of is Osimhen
  5. When you sell a player to an external club is their transfer ban shorter and then can you buy them back again? Just that I want to sell a few French league players as I want some Belgian players whilst the review is going on again and then I plan to buy them back afterwards?
  6. What are people's opinions on Shapi Suleymanov at Krasnodar? He is quite expensive for his rating but is he likely to rise well?
  7. Okay decent, I just need to hope that Genk is reviewed next Saturday then so I can get enough funds in time. For once I need them to review it slowly!
  8. Dmitri Barinov is 2m at Lokomotiv Moscow who is likely to go to 85/86. 83 rated currently
  9. Are the leagues always reviewed in league position order? Just that my league finishes next Thursday and I want to buy Ito from Genk so need to work out if after prize money I will be able to buy him before he rises.
  10. Ah okay thank you, did not realise they had a cap for their defence. Seems a bit unfair as if a player is good enough they should rise regardless
  11. Been looking at the Argentinian leagues. Do people expect Zaracho and Santos Borre to rise +2 to 87 and are there any other players that may go up to 87 from 85 at all?
  12. Nah reckon Gnabry has a bright future and could go up 1
  13. Hi Thorgan, Do you think Clinton Mata has a chance to rise to 87? also are there any other players around 85 that could go to 87? thanks
  14. Okay cheers, I am just lookng for players who are 85 rated that are likely to go up to 87. I had Luis Diaz go up to 87 a month ago and want a few more like this as they will improve my team massively. I was looking at Ruben Vargas possibly but any other 85 rated players looking to go up +2?
  15. What are people's thoughts on Kalvin Phillips at Leeds? 85 rated but looks like a lot of PL clubs are after him?
  16. So are they gonna review the Belgian league?...
  17. From my shortlist who are the best bunch of players to buy from this considering I only have around £10m to spend?
  18. Aurelio Buta and Mykola Matvyienko should both go up to around 85
  19. Is Riccardo Orsolini likely to rise from 87? Overall I am looking at buying Ruben Vargas, Moses Simon, Moussa Diaby, Axel Disasi, Djibril Sow and Matias Zaracho so do we think these are likely to rise well? Also looking for players around 84/85 rated that are likely to go up to 86/87 when the big 5 league reviews are done? Is someone like Goncalo Pacienca likely to rise too? Also Sehrou Guirassy at 85 could have a chance to 87? Also Paolo Ghiglione is 83 rated currently but has done well this season so possibly 85/86?
  20. I have £1m to spend. What are my best options for players around 300-500k that are likely to rise big and get me some nice profit? Any around 77-78 likely to go up to 82 seem to create good value so any players like that would be good. These small buys help out when you're a club in division 5.
  21. I have about 1m to spend and want some good risers so I can sell them on for a decent profit. Out of these lot who are the best 3 that I can buy? Samy Mmaee, Lucas Tuta, Ibrahima Sankhon, A.Ciranni, A.De Bruyn?
  22. Are there many players around 78-80 who are likely to rise up to 84/85? I have Elisha Owusu for now but want a few more around that mark as you can make good money on them when they rise.
  23. I am looking at possibly buying Albert Sambi Lokonga but 2m for a 78 rated player seems high but then again is he likely to go to the top? I have seen that he has been linked to a few top clubs around Europe.
  24. What is everyone's thoughts on Matias Zaracho? He is 85 and seen people reckon he will go to 87 or I would buy Dmitryi Barinov for 2m who is 83 rated and likely to go up to 86. What would the values be of both players if they went to that rating and how are the values worked out? Thanks
  25. I am stuck between Patson Daka and Krepin Diatta? Is Diatta likely to go to 86 and does he have good potential for the future?
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