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  1. Maybe long term investment? Turkey has been reviewed recently
  2. Yes i know i already invested in MLS, Ebobisse, J Elliott, M Vera, B Bye and Yueill! Lets seecif MLS gets reviewed soon, i think it was on agenda but has been now surpassed by the big 5 review! Thank you for the help!
  3. All taken the league is very competitive! But thanks anyway very good sugestions!
  4. Do you know any 80+ rating possible riser outside of Sir Rahul predictions in Italy or England? Im playing in some 80 rating max leagues and im getting out of alternatives... Thanks in advance
  5. Ahahah yes i know... But i mean 80+ are players that normally arent on the spotlights
  6. Any 78+ or 80+ risers in Italia or England that are a little bit under the radar? Thanks
  7. Awesome work you all! Congratulations!
  8. Awesome description! Congratulations! I will keep the player! Good luck on Partizan! I remember Lazar Markovic when he came to Benfica! What a player! He lost himself along the way somehow unfortunately
  9. Thanks! I will see in the next weeks!
  10. Umar Sadiq 83 rating, 23 years old centre forward from Partizan Belgrad. What do you think about his potential to rise? Keep or sell? Im thinking about buying a retiring striker, better rating, get the goals and then receive double money when he retires!
  11. Soccerwiki attributes are relevant??? It is the first team that i read such thing
  12. Hello to you all. I need a little bit of your expertise and advice. I am on a 80 max buy rating league. From these players which are the ones that you advise me to sell? If there is any! 1 - Masaya Okugawa 80 Red Bull Salzburg 24 years old 2 - Fernando 80 Shakhtar Donetsk 21 years old 3 - Pereira Danilo 78 Ajax 21 years old 4 - Agustín Obando 80 Boca Juniors 20 years old 5 - Jan Hurtado 82 Boca Juniors 20 years old 6 - Inbeom Hwang 80 Vancouver Whitecaps 23 years old I think 2, 3, and maybe 5! Thank you in advance!
  13. Any explanations on why Cristian Gross from Werder Bremen didnt get a rise? He is currently 77 rating and played 868 minutes this season
  14. Any 80 rating GK in Germany or other big five leagues that we should expect a probable rise to 82 or more? Lost Pentke from Hoffenheim in my gw to another club...
  15. Bellingham was my choice i was with the same budget
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