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  1. 13 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    I think he will only get chance if Auba and Lacazette get injured. Even then he might struggle with Arteta using Pepe, Martinelli and Saka as a front three early on this season, excluding the Brentford game.

    Shouldn’t of signed a new contract, plenty of clubs wanted him.

    You have a better chance of seeing a pig fly. All gone quiet on the update, nothings been mentioned on here or discord for months.

    Very sad.. they lied then because they have promised an update! They are a company, some of us pay for the game this is no joke.. They are completely unprofessional. This game as so much potential its revolting that they cant see it and left it abandoned!!

  2. 16 minutes ago, Milanista1 said:

    If all goes very well for Pedri and Barça then I reckon he'll become a star player for Barcelona and rise further (into the 90's) b4 both players.  

    Duo for me - they should have you covered in multiple postions in seasons to come. 

    The 1st duo. 



    Really hoping that Vlasic settles in well at Milan. 🙂 


    The question is, (atm) is he a "must buy"? ☺

    He has a similar play style to Gini Wijnaldum and currently plays for the better side. 

    And, that's only if squad depth is important to you especially in the attacking sense, If it's not and a strong defensor is more required then for sure pick M. Hermoso. 

    If your already decent enough going forward and could do with an extra number at the back (for the future) then pick Ben White.

    I doubt Musa Barrow is gonna implode into a Sadio Mane next season or in the next few seasons to come. And Dzeko is already going on a 👇 downward slope. Although i've only noticed that you say it's a CGW therefore it's probably best to keep duo as in a CGW (atm) it seems too much to lose on. 

    Out of interest what kind of updates would like to see? 

    The last time they made any "updates" we were having issues on the thread. 

    'Agreement in place', with which club? 

    Game engine bugs (yellow cards before free kicks 99% means no goal). Player concerns bugs. Much more custom game worlds customization options, like squad caps for example. And many more

  3. 3 hours ago, Lloydy105 said:

    Appreciate the detail concerning what type of GameWorld it is - can be left off on occasion when asked and really does go a long way. I’d personally stand firm until after the summer reviews have completed - you’ve got a player that’s likely to jump +2 to 93 and as you’ve said, has a high ceiling. Couple that with Saul, who isn’t nailed on to keep his 93 and time is your friend. If that deal is on the table now, I’d imagine it’ll be on the table post-review. In the meantime I’d do some digging internally as to who may be available as a long term replacement for Dani Alves - also worth noting that out of the last 50 games Gimenez has played, he’s played right back just 10% (5 games). That said, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that somewhere down the line he’d lose that right back versatility - attached below and sourced via FootballCritic. 

    Let us know how you get on 🙂


    Thanks for the quality advice. You are absolutely right. Time is on my favour

  4. Gimenez and Niguez for Ruben Dias should i accept? I know that R Dias is going up and can get 94/95 in next years.. But in this gameworld 90+ good players are taken. My RB is Dani Alves 90.. This way i could get a 93 Niguez and 92 Gimenez that would go straight into my first team

  5. 1 hour ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Dani Olmo

    Yeah I saw this on discord a few days back and you mentioned there’s almost 90 players that are 80+ in the second tier of Japan 😂

    Honorat - 83 -> 84/5

    Duverne - 84 -> 84/5

    Mbom - 80 -> 82

    Selke - 86 -> 86

    It wasnt Selke sorry, he even isnt from Bremen. I wanted to refer R Schmid from Bremen

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