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  1. Bobby Reid from Fulham deserve a rise in the next update?
  2. Mauro Junior from PSV. Worth a buy in a competitive max 85 rating league? Thanks
  3. Absolutely true. I hope you are right
  4. Any news about the advertised update of SM Worlds? Was that a complete lie to the community? Such a shame
  5. E Shomurodov has chances of a rise?
  6. 85 max rat league, very competitive market: M Salisu J Riedewald S Özcan T Bongonda B Reid Y Karamoh J Willock (84) J Horn (83) Smith Rowe (83) S Suleymanov (83) From these players would you sell any? Thanks
  7. Jairo Riedewald? Competitive gameworld, getting game time, possible rise. What do you think?
  8. Oh well.. Forget the update! This is probably dead. What a shame really because this could be a fantastic game
  9. Salih Ozcan from Cologne worth a buy in a very competitive league? I know he got +1 now but has he got potential to rise more in the next updates? Thanks and happy new year to you all!
  10. Abel Ruiz José Cifuentes Rafael Camacho Emile Smith Rowe Shapi Suleymanov Jan Hurtado Abel Ruiz Umar Sadiq Bryan Mbeumo Who are the keepers and the sellers in your opinion?
  11. Which one of these 85's represent a higher chance of rise in the future in your opinion? ( All the obvious and younger ones are already taken, these are the best available) Gil Dias C Dessers Iuri Medeiros Erik Thommy D Pelkas M Gulde G Masouras Lucas Evangelista E Shomurodov Y Muto Ronaldo Vieira J Dilrosun Thanks!
  12. Hello to all. Dessers and Bongonda from Genk are good 85 investments with possible rise in the future? They are available in my very very competitive GW. Also what do you think of Crombrugge and Kaminski? I need stable 85 to the goal with possible rises too coming..
  13. From these 85 GK which ones are the best considering possible rise in the future? Thanks
  14. Hello to all! I need your expertise! Do you know some 85 players that are getting game time and probably are going to rise next months/updates? Preferably above 25 years ,because youngsters are all taken and above 25 the sample of 85's is much bigger! Very very competitive league Thanks!
  15. The best 85 younsgters at this moment are Ronaldo Vieira and Dilrosun, all the others are taken!
  16. Ronaldo Vieira and Dilrosun in a 85 max rate league, very very competitive, are they worth a buy? Dilrosun is not happy with lack of game time and R Vieira stopped beeing an option from what i see. What do you think, should i invest, wait, or go other options (older players). I could go to younger less rated players but i would lack quality in short time and dont want to be relegated Thanks!
  17. Oh ok im sorry for my lack of attention! I writed on a rush thanks to you all
  18. Hello to all! Does this ever happened with any of you? This is a league that i created and its on the 11th season! The game should have been played 8pm yesterday! Hope the league is not broken..
  19. Yes i know... But Pogba is Pogba he can get big performances again or return to Juventus and play well again. Thing is, in your view Pogba can drop to 92 in near future? I think that Pogba can rise, but Koke i see it difficult to rise from 93. Its a difficult one
  20. Other manager proposed Pogba for Koke... What do you think should i accept?
  21. Im getting really frustrated waiting for MLS... Getting to a point where i kept the players for so long that if i sell them now and then get MLS review next i would be near rage quit 😂😂
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