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  1. N Fekir for James Rodriguez? I feel that James besides being two years older still has the capacity to reach a big club again and perform, despite that being a small possibility
  2. From these players which ones are the best long term investment in your opinion. Consider a very competitive gameworld, best youngsters all taken and best players 91+ all taken too. Jonathan Tah Giovanni Simeone Stefano Sensi G Lo Celso Keita Baldé Breel Embolo Alex Iwobi Leon Bailey Florian Neuhaus Issa Diop I think Jonathan Tah may be one of the best choices, but i need forwards and midfielders too. Thanks!
  3. Ousmane Dembelé worth buying in a competitive gameworld? I think he is a very good player but he is not playing regularly it seems
  4. Ive been keeping mine.. but its getting frustrating
  5. 1- Squad cap. Add this option at least for custom worlds! I am the admin of 2 gameworlds and hoarding is ruining them completely! And its not real! Real teams have around 30 players on the first team! Make it fully customisable! 2 - Stadium size.. In competitive leagues teams with small stadiums are prejudicated. So IF they get a top 5 or top 3 position in the end, the process to upgrade the stadium should be more efective! This is very important. 3 - Match engine, tactics etc This is critical too.. And would bring new life to the game 4 - Enforce the complete customization of custom game worlds. Sacking managers is a dangerous option, it has two sides to it.. Real life ratings updated regularly and the possibility to invest in players like we invest in forex, making this almost like a financial market for football, with the added and VERY IMPORTANT aspect of beeing able to manage your "actives"(players) in an online football game, winning trophies! This is superb and has so much potential! Dont waste this wonderful project like it has been in the last years...
  6. Thanks... I won one time in eight seasons only.. Very difficult to digest but i will keep on strong!
  7. Third time in eight seasons on the same game world that i lose the league because of goal difference despite having advantage on direct confront! These last time i lost because of one goal! One! Direct confront 6-1 to me! 4-1 and 2-0! Very complicated mentally.. And i have a weaker team. I dont agree with goal difference rule... But i have to accept it
  8. Chris Verdonk and In-Beom Hwang, keep or sell whats your opinion? They are not starters on my team. Thank you
  9. When is MLS? Its one of the few main leagues that hasnt been updated for ages! Cmon SM leave the random rises. It seems that only now they started working on the SM Worlds uodate. They really dont give any credit to their best creation. They only want money from the new SM
  10. Good day to all! One doubt, when a league gets updated, the players that had been transfered out get the update too? Example: League A End of season 19/20 League A gets updated by SM in the course of 20/21 season. Player B has played all season on League A 19/20, but in the beginning of the Season 20/21 he has been transferred to another League. Will player B get the update reporting to last season while playing in the new league? Thank you.
  11. Neuer now has 2 European Trebles. And he is far from being finished
  12. Sorry but i have to say it one more time... Neuer - 93 Ter Stegen - 95 LOOL SM
  13. I still dont understand why Neuer, Hummels and others arent contempled with a possible rise... Its because of what factor? Age? Potential? Because in terms of pure yield on the pitch they are as important as the others! If not more! Its simply unfair!
  14. I agree with Muller too! He is a fantastic player with regular seasons! 92 is not fair!
  15. Right now i would understand, but dont agree! Buy IF Bayern wins the Champions League there is no argument for Ter Stegen 95 and Neuer 93! Age should be reflected on value! Not rating! Rating is the CURRENT ABILITY! So, logically, Neuer is BETTER in relation to Ter Stegen... One more argument is that Neuer is the main GK of Germany! Ter Stegen is on the bench!
  16. What about Neuer and Hummels??? If Bayern wins the Champions League its ridiculous that Neuer doesnt get a rise... Lewandowski the same!!! They won League and Cup at domestic level. Ter Stegen is 95! And Neuer 93???? Come on! Who is the starter in Germany? Neuer!!! What as Barcelona done or won last months??? RIDICULOUS
  17. Melayro Bogarde, what do you think of him? Worth a buy? In my opinion 1,84m tall is short for a centre back, but we never know he can have other good qualities. Thanks for the help
  18. Any opinion about him? Good numbers, international until under 21. But he has been hidden in second division in netherlands... He turned 21 in June he is still young but... It seems that he can explode now, but it seems he will continue one more season on loan to Volendam!
  19. Maybe long term investment? Turkey has been reviewed recently
  20. Yes i know i already invested in MLS, Ebobisse, J Elliott, M Vera, B Bye and Yueill! Lets seecif MLS gets reviewed soon, i think it was on agenda but has been now surpassed by the big 5 review! Thank you for the help!
  21. All taken the league is very competitive! But thanks anyway very good sugestions!
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