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  1. Hello all. In your opinion who are the best 82's in the game at this moment, the ones that you think will have a better future. Thank you!
  2. How do you use the old version? I would like to try it, because i some time ago saw some screenshots of the old version and it seemed much better
  3. But dont forget that they are working on a new game, SM Elite... The concept is much worst than SMW in my modest opinion. SMW is much better, but we have to show this to SM staff
  4. That is good news! It could mean something important if the people who have been choosen have the ability to show the true potential of this game! Lets hope that they can show this and more to SM staff. It would be very very important. Anyway thanks for the news and if possible if you have some update, even small, if you can inform us. Im new here but i think this game as so much potential, and the community is awesome too. We have make good pressure on SM to improve SMW! The game and we all deserve this!
  5. Anyone knows why this game as been abandoned? Why no updates and upgrades? The game has so much potential and i see many gold players, so money is beeing spent here!
  6. If you had to bet on what league will be updated next what would you decide? I would bet Russia or in second MLS
  7. Lets see the numbers that you got on Turkey... I think i made an error and invested in some argentinian players now, and the money is going to be "stuck" more time then i was expecting... Now i dont have much money to invest in turkish assets ahah What would be your advice if you can give me one please? Cancel the argentinian deals ( i still can its on confirmation only) and invest all on turkey ? I only have like 5 million to invest
  8. Ahah no problem. I am aware of that but we never have official information so its better to ask to the more experient for trusted information. Im hoping Mr Socahappy publishes some turkish investments soon because i have some money that i need to invest fast
  9. Hello to you all hope you are all well. Any idea if Argentinian League will be updated in next weeks or is it only some players update? And regarding to Turkish League updates do you know if it will start in next 30 days? Contratulations on your amazing work, specially Mr Socahappy Thank you!
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